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Kiwi Crocus
07 June 2009 @ 12:10 am
Thursday, Friday and Saturday then.

Thursday I woke up and got ready. Missed the first train to Jojo's but caught the second. Loved being in the station and on the train. Travel of any sort (and the people that comes with it) makes me want to write. Sometimes I wonder how other people don't get the overwhelming need to write when they travel. The world seems to just beg to be scribed in flowing words and descriptions.

Jojo picked me up. We went back to her aunt's. I met the dogs. Even Byron, the very shy female, took a quick liking to me and licked my hands to death. J and I ate crumpets. Yummy butter and chocolate spread. Sat out in the sun (me in the shade) reading and playing ukulele. She loved the singing. We moved to the shade for Pimms O'Clock and read some more. Chatted like old hens. It was absolutely lovely.

Inside for some Sex and the City; I did art as well. Eventually she put in the pizzas. Shawn came home. We all ate pizza at the table. Nom nom nom, nummy. Off to Jojo's house. Visited with her two dogs, her parents and her siblings. We all joked and teased. I got called a hobbit for being short and hairy and strange. Loved every moment of it.

Off to pick up Zoe. We went to the Burrow, the pub nearby, and I had purple J20. We sat outside chatting as Zoe chain smoked (blech). Z got J another rum and Coke even though it hadn't been wanted. I tried to help out J (who didn't really want anything else to drink) by having half the rum and Coke. Zoe coerced us into more drinks, but we didn't want actual shots like she did, so we convinced her we only wanted half-shots green Apple Sourz in lemonade. I do like that drink. We sat outside talking more. I didn't feel anything from the drinks, which was nice again. We talked to Zoe's friend Paul on the phone. I spoke with him a few times under different personas. We joked up a storm and charmed each other silly. Zoe then started getting tired and she's a sad drunk when she's tired, so soon enough she was hiding tears and we walked her back home.

J and I watched Lion King 2 in her room for a while. We snuggled 'cause she had a headache and tummyache. TLK2 is so much worse than the original. I had forgotten. We didn't finish it. Shawn came and picked us up. We went back to J's aunts. I settled into the guest room downstairs with Byron on the pillows up near my head (she demanded my cuddles and then checked in on me to sure I was okay any time anyone moved) and George down by my thighs, also demanding cuddles. It was wonderful.

Woke up and got ready. Off to the farm. We picked strawberries but I had great difficulty with being on the ground and kneeling/sitting cross-legged and having to get up or scooch to move. I had to stop a bit early but I was careful to pick excellent baskets, knowing that if I couldn't be efficient I may as well be effective. We moved onto gooseberries and I kept falling over but it was comical. J was such a good picker that she made up for me and Holly. I said goodbye to them. J and I drove into town.

Got one of the cheap AMAZING sandwiches at the local bakery. Chicken tikka masala sandwich/sub. So good, so good. J walked me to the train. Got on and kept reading. People-watched as I walked to the bus circle. Caught a bus to the uni and walked to the counselling service. Waiting an hour reading and finished Astonishing Splashes of Colour right before my appointment. (The first book I've finished in forever!) My appointment was nice. Shocked her with my history, as always. It was really just a reminder session. I know it all innately, and Sherri (my old therapist) was only ever there to act as a reminder and help me find outlets. I still know it all from her as well. It was nice to be reminded that I did very well this year and accomplished what I set out to do. Near the end I really figured out how to go about this.

Walked home, napped for four hours. Got up and got ready. Went out to Mondial for Spectrum, the uni LGBTQ dance. Hung around chatting until people arrived. Took a few down-time moments. Hooked up with Robert (5th floor) and his friends. We all drew on each other with the coloured Sharpies I brought for Graffiti Night. I ended up with cat whiskers, a black nose and "MEOW!!!" across my forehead. I danced around a lot near the end. One of Rob's friends complimented my dancing. I don't remember his name, but I really liked him. We hung out a lot. I admire a straight man who will come out with all the gays and be completely comfortable hanging around and being a minority, not afraid to be mistaken for something else.

It was really nice to have the reminder that I'm not the only gay in the village. I always feel more comfortable when I see men (comfortably) hugging each other, women flirting, the different dynamics, etc. It was just what I needed. I loved it. Walked home with Robert and his friends. Spoke with the boy who wore a Spongebob shirt. He was surprised that I had only been here 8 months because I had "the perfect accent" and I smiled; told him I was trying to keep it non-regional by preference. He nodded.

Came home, took a few pictures for proof of my face, rubbed it off and went to sleep. Slept until noonish. Did eat dinner, a little bit at the end. Internet most of the day. Finished a major project by the end. Got chips and sauce from Chinese (cheap) with the house friends. Saw Sass' friend from home again since she's visiting. They went to London today. I said a few things I should regret, and will apologise for them tomorrow. Nothing terrible but our group has extensive grape vines. May as well own up before things explode. It's no bug dwak in the end.

Time to go night night. Tomorrow I have Quaker Meeting in the morning and Pagan pub moot in the afternoon, possible pub crawl with friends after that. Smiles. Ah, post-exam times.
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Kiwi Crocus
07 June 2009 @ 09:03 pm
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