June 3rd, 2009

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[.inspiration meme.]

I was tagged by kellychambliss.

Part One of the meme:
Name five fics or art that you’ve written and tell us what first inspired it, whether it was a visual image, a song, a prompt or something else entirely.

1) "The Charmed Egg": Goodness I dread looking at that one now. So many grammatical and stylistic things to fix. Shakes head. Anyway, that's not the point! What inspired it. I think I was reading around the Internet on the Potter world (something I do too frequently) and stumbled upon what caused a basilisk. A chicken egg incubated by a toad. I remembered Umbridge's nickname, and I knew our precious McG would have known the nickname as well. I pictured a way she would make that sort of statement. I thought it would be in a way that would fly right over Umbridge's head, but that it might be the sort of story she would whisper later to her friends. I thought Hooch, who has always been a trickster in my mind, would want to be in on it. I saw the scene of Umbridge ('pretty' in pink) with the egg in her fingertips. It went on from there. I think at the time I had wanted to prove to lash_larue that I could be just as Potterly Perverse as the best of them. I think that much was a success!

2) "Nurture": I'm not reading through that one again because I'm sure I'll groan in frustration. Let's see. I was just starting my senior year of high school. I was stressed to death. My computer wasn't working so I remember I was sitting at my father's. I said (out loud, because I talk to myself), "You know, you haven't written anything in ages. Everyone will think you've died." I sat back in my chair and got the image of Minerva standing next to a bed. She was very comfortable with herself and with her nudity. I could tell that her 'teacher shawl' was off--she was Minerva McGonagall, rather than Professor McGonagall. I noticed that the room had many fabrics everywhere, lots of colour and a hazy feel. Windows. A tower of sorts. I knew it had to be Trellawny's. I wrote out the story.

It comes with a bit of controversy. I write Trellawny to be a fraud, yes, but in a different manner. In the Potterverse she is a fraud as a Divinations Professor, a woman who does have the Sight in random moments but never when it matters--she's a fake. In my universe it's a bit of a play on that. She's an intelligent woman and knows exactly what she's doing: she's playing a fake. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about Trellawny and why Dumbledore would keep her around, if she was such a bad professor. I thought about how much danger she would be in if anyone (read as: death eaters) ever found that she had been the one to See the big prophecy. I thought then that it was no wonder she ended up back in Hogwarts, almost trapped, as she remained safe under Dumbledore's wings. I thought, what could leave a person least likely to be suspected? My conclusion was that if she was known by every student who ever left the school as a complete and utter fraud with no ability or Sight whatsoever, what self-respecting death eater would ever thing she was even capable of producing such a Sight? They would probably consider it one of Dumbledore's attempts to get them off the trail. So that's how I concluded, for my own little universe, that Trellawny is actually quite an intelligent woman with a few Ravenclaw and Slytherin traits, masquerading as a dolt of a professor. Perhaps it's only because I've never come across anyone THAT ditzy and idiosyncratic when she wasn't putting it on.

3) "Cartwheeling Quill": I used to do a lot of stories that started with Dictionary.com's word of the day. Sometimes drabbles, sometimes one-shots, sometimes chains of things. This story started with one of the words. I loved that it was a day-in-the-life sort of story. Most of the time I give those moments to the professors. This time around, with Susan Bones and the almost-OC, mentioned-once-in-fiction character Morag MacDougal (or something), I gave the moment to the students. It's cute. Not my favourite Susan/Morag story (I prefer "Silver Spitters") but I think it's adorable. Love that it started with one dictionary.com word.

4) "Lark in the Fog": One of my Emelan fics. The first chapter I wrote ages and ages ago. The inspiration for that was an image of Rosethorn dancing in the fog, something that she would normally never do. She is not the dancing kind. I thought the fog--something that would keep others from seeing her--would bring out her more hidden character traits. I really wrote it to get to the second chapter, which I didn't write for years. I think I wrote the first when I was a freshman and the second when I was a senior, at Snoopy's house. It was inspired by a moving picture in my head of Lark watching Rosethorn enter the Mire, Lark running and being caught by a man, Rosethorn rescuing her from a terrible life and Lark sitting in the clean blankets at Winding Circle's infirmary. I loved their interactions in the second chapter. Much more in character. I thought it was an excellent way to see the way my writing changed through the years.

5) "History of Quidditch": I refuse to look through that one right now. My first McHooch/Kittyhawk piece ever, after years of reading through the fics and picking up on the fanon. It was inspired by Goo Goo Doll's Dizzy Up the Girl and I left the lyrics in, to some readers' displeasure. I don't mind. I leave my inspiration in the fics. I had listened to the song and visualised a young Hooch frustrated over an inability to perform something for Quidditch. I thought it would be an ironic spin to have Minerva help her, given that Hooch is the one known for being the great Quidditch star in fanon (and presumably fiction, given she's the Quidditch instructor). The first scene I thought of as getting into Hooch's character beyond what she shows students--the fact that she can get discouraged and hurt, and have to go to someone else to feel better. That she's not so self-assured all the time. Since it was a school-time story I also wanted it to be a bit of a coming out story.

I am going to ignore that I didn't even spell Quidditch right back then. Hangs head in shame.

So I remembered some of the inspiration. I haven't written a good fic since I was in high school. This is disappointing.

As for tagging...I'm going to be terrible and just say, anyone who writes Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter or Emelan fanfiction!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. the start of freedom .]

I think I'll post on yesterday, then, before I clear it from my mind.

I woke up too early for my liking and took a shower. Grabbed my umbrella and made it to the sports centre, met with Jojo. We walked to the London Road Campus, into town. I got there and shook my head. It reminded me of Harry Potter. Eventually Pip and Ems arrived. We all went off to the loo, which was an outdoor house. Very peculiar.

Eventually we went in for the exam. Given it's the London Road Great Hall, well, we can guess what it reminded me of. It was basically THE scene from the fifth HP film, and I was shocked to not see Umbridge standing up front with a pink suit and a giant clock. Instead it was a strange-looking short man with a voice no one could understand, yet it didn't keep him from speaking.

I remembered what I had told Pip and Ems. "Sad that this all reminds me of Harry Potter, because for once I'm not playing Hermione. I'm playing Ron. I'm going to look down at my question sheet and say, 'Bloody hell, I don't remember seeing any of this before.'"

I looked down. The questions didn't kill me, but they wouldn't bring out the best in me either. I picked the first and the last out of the four. Wrote down my plan for the first. Wrote down the first paragraph. Thought, "You know, I could stop right now..." Kicked myself into finishing the first essay. Used extra time. Decided to go to the loo since it helps empty my brain of the last question and prepare it for the next.

I walked to the loo and gasped. The only thing it lacked was the stupid troll. I walked through the long, curved area with the multiple basins and mirrors. Hurried back once I'd finished.

The second essay was terrible. First I was tempted to not do it, and then I shook my head, because I'm not that kind of student. I'd prefer to write bad things than nothing at all. I purposefully misread the question ("flora OR fauna" to "flora AND fauna") but didn't think the professor would care that much. It was going to be a crap essay anyway. Just a bunch of thinly-connected facts. But it's something and it's there.

I finished and went back into the courtyard. Walked home with Siege. She came up to my room and we snuggled. Watched The Big Bang Theory, listened to music and sang. I played ukulele. We snuggled some more and she went off. Spent some time with Hayley.

In the evening I taught myself how to play "I Like Giants" on the ukulele. Was very pleased. Recorded three songs, two of them different versions of one song. Worked on my art--inked three pieces with a new style that I enjoy. It's not realistic, but I don't have much interest in being realistic any more. Eventually went to sleep.

Today I've lounged around in bed all day and it's been beautiful.

To Do List:
- Clean my room [including hoover and basin if I can find the supplies].
- Pack a bag to go to Jojo's.
- Figure out more about the journey.
- Decide what time I want to set off tomorrow.

Staying over Jojo's aunt's because the aunt has gone to Canada. Jojo and Shawn (J's boyf) are staying there for a two week holiday. I'm going to go over there for the night, have a night in with pizza and then out drinking with Zoe, back in, fruit-picking in the morning. Then I come back to Reading for a counselling appointment at 2. I'll probably snag a nap and go to the uni LGBTQ dance in the evening.

As for the uke songs:

Here but just the last three. The other ones are old and icky but I don't have it in me yet to take them down. I'll probably replace them all once I've got them all down well on the uke and can record them.
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