May 20th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Sign of my Declining Mind

Wanted to make a real-ish post.

When I was 14 and in 8th grade I used to make "Daily To Do Lists" every morning that I would add to through the day and knock things off as I did them. At the end of the day I'd add up the total tasks and divide the number I'd done by that to get a percent grade of my day. I've started doing that.

I have always included a number of Happy Things to do, too, to even it out and keep me from procrastinating--because I included the procrastination on the list.


+ 3 mammal lectures.
+ 2 Chemistry lectures.
1/2 2 Ecology lectures.
- 1 Humans lecture.
+ 1 Dollhouse episode.
+ Get to 6k on the Hermione Bang story.
+ Write a named scene.
+ Organise the chapters.
+ Write a Hermione third-year section.
+ Email Lindsay.
+ Answer easy emails/longer if time.
+ Little dance break.
+ Paint fingernails (orange).
+ Start tomorrow's TDL.

So I scored an 89, which I'm pleased with. A+.

I'm enjoying my Hermione Bang story (Transfiguration Over Tea) but still am not sure how I'm going to do the timing of it. It'll be a surprise to me. I'm sure I'm making it too Minerva-centric, but in the end I don't give a possum's posterior. Laughter, I'm doing it so that a friend of mine has some McGonagall-oriented Hermione fic, anyway! I usually don't touch Hermione's character.

The dance break was lovely. Emailed Lindsay to apologise for, basically, how I was through high school.

Today I've finished the ecology lecture I didn't do yesterday and one long-arse mammals lecture. Freaking long, man! x_x Apoptosis, here!

Time for getting dressed and lunchtime.

Also hit my moon days. Thank you, Diva Cup!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. cool kids never had much fun .]

I don't know how I am supposed to summon up this much interest in the sex lives of red deer.

Oh dear, honestly?

And I think the next one is the one that is the one that's just full of mammalian sexy-time.

I understand Mammalogy now. It's the study of how animals are always getting it more than you.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. how much is that doggy in the window? .]

This song reminds me of Grammie singing to me when I was a little tyke (dyke?) especially on the swings.

And dogs are mammals, carnivores, so they transition to my Mammals post perfectly! I finished my Mammals lectures for the day. I am relieved to no longer be studying Mammalian sex.

Although now I am on to Chemistry, which I have always described as the love-and-sex story of electrons.

And then ecology, which is the "interactions" between species, but most of it's all based on wanting to sex it up and reproduce, 'cause we're all after upping our inclusive fitness!


Maybe that's just my day. 'cause on my moon. And that tends to be my train of thought.

Gonna go die a good Chemistry death now. Fraaaaak. Chemistry will defeat me once again. Shakes fist.
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