May 19th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:04 Watching Dollhouse and writing my long Harry Potter fic for the evening, no stress. Tomorrow back to playing school.
  • 17:15 @snoopy874 Haha, Guitar Hero is epic. I await the day I can be doing that too. Where are you playing GH? And dirty is my specialty.
  • 18:21 I'm at 4.3k words for my Hermione Bang story. That's 1.1k a day now to finish it before the deadline. But procrastination also works.
  • 05:16 @snoopy874 Haha. Usurping your boyfriends Guitar Hero when he has to spend the day working. So perfect!
  • 05:32 I think the cleaning woman is up and about so shower is put off for a dash. Doing my online stuff and then shower, revise revise. <3.
  • 06:48 I feel beautiful just out of the shower with wet hair against my back. I cherish these moments as wonderful parts of my day. Mm, scrumptious
  • 07:16 @createsunspots Laughter, I think mine's too long for that now! Down to the small of my back when it's wet, I think. Would be epic faux hauk
  • 07:21 Furc charrie was expiring. Logged on/updated. New furc is amazing! Built in whisper messenger too! Finally, only been waiting since age 12!
  • 07:51 Genesis is good revision music. Even sad songs like Another Day in Paradise. Reminds me of Booby, who goes home Saturday!
  • 08:00 I'm glad I included introduction lectures in my count for each module. =P But geh, need to go find all the material for the courses.
  • 08:16 I am fascinated by the paedomorphosis of our society in many ways. Hair removal everywhere. Makes me think of paedomorphosis and dogs, wolf.
  • 08:34 "Fey" is the word of the day today. That makes me think of friends and smile. Even when revising global extinctions. Life always clings on.
  • 09:08 Harry came and told me he fainted in the loo a while ago. That it used to happen a lot. Not from "something sinful," reasons only to 'rents.
  • 09:08 Something is fishy about that. I'm at least glad he's good okay. Told him to sit down next time, not try to get up and move. Close to ground
  • 09:25 @moebiuscascade He's feeling better, just a bit shaky. "Something sinful" made me raise an eyebrow. Not masturbation-driven, then? Hides.
  • 10:33 Alishia just came and visited. Back to revision. I now understand why my injury was a "slipped femoral epiphyses," obviously, so simple!
  • 10:56 Finished two lectures of mammals. Behind today from the late start and visits from people, but I feel alright about everything. Little break
  • 11:03 I thought this was going to be a really hard lecture to do 'cause it's 60-something pages, but it's mostly pictures of cool mammals! Neat!
  • 11:13 I hate when Sass uses her self-satisfied, know-it-all, you're-an-idiot-who-doesn't-deserve-a-voice tone. Used to do that. Need to not, ever.
  • 12:22 Finished the third mammal lecture. If mammalian evolutionary diversity comes up on the exam, I'm not answering that question. Geh!
  • 13:41 Ellen DeGeneres spoke at a commencement speech for a New Orleans uni/college. It was so beautiful. Girlcrush! She's amazing.
  • 14:17 I am sleepy. Chemistry is going to be more of a pain to revise for than I thought. Yawn yawn, I will need free time soonish.
  • 15:29 Ahhah. When I was getting frustrated during chemistry notes apparently I wrote, "AKA Mother Universe hates chemists." Ahhahhah, yes win.
  • 15:31 Also, finished lecture 1 chemistry, so that's good. One more and done chem for today. Stopping at 11 no matter what I'm on. Free timeee. <3.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!