May 11th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Masculine Voice

I recorded a reading of Desiderata with my hoarse, terribly awkward voice. Botched "universe" and said "consider" instead of "conceive," but I like it anyway. It's so peaceful to read. I think I'll play it occasionally when I get stressed.

Working through nematodes. I'm still frakked, but I'm feeling OK at the Present, and that's sorta all I have, so, y'know...shrugs shoulders and smiles.

Wish I could get a copy of the poem to the Cavinator but I don't want to bother her with another email 'cause I think they hurt her, and she's never sure what to do with them, but she seems to be in the sort of place where the poem would help her out. But I'm sure she's read it before. Dunno. But I'm MENTALLY sending it to her, so maybe on some level of existence she's receiving it. Who knows, right?

(I don't think the nematodes know. But I'ma gonna ask 'em!)

I wrote, "This too will pass. Accept uncertainty. What will be will be. Here and Now; be Here Now. Breathe, and be Aware." on my nematodes notes at some point, whenever the lecture was. Awwr, go few-months-younger me. =P
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    The Numbing Noise of Nematodes.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:17 The song "The Middle," Jimmy Eat World, is really comforting me right now. Thank you music. Today has been a good day.
  • 20:19 Why oh why did I decide to get bored in lecture and write with my non-dominant hand? Makes learning about barnacles hard. Silly past me-s.
  • 20:22 Done with barnacles/biofouling. Growl, locusts are next. How enthralling. Will start it and then sleep.
  • 20:42 I can't believe I wrote an acrostic poem about barnacles. WTF, brain. You weren't meant for science, apparently. Strange poetry instead.
  • 04:18 @zapthatmonster Awwr, that's a beautiful mother's day! Making fun of Twilight! What else could one want? :D You're epicccc. So's yer Mum. :P
  • 04:19 @joyitude You had never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail before? Wow. I know, like, the whole thing by heart. But I'ma freak. :D
  • 04:20 @thinkingxbeing Eww smoke detectors and beeping. I hate beeping. Can it be next year yet, so I can be moved into my new house? :D
  • 04:21 @zapthatmonster I am glad I am not the only one who was shocked and appauled at @joyitude's lack of Grail! Also leads one to appreciate Spam
  • 04:22 Obviously, grins, I'm awake. Not 8 but waking up at 9 good too. Starting on Locusts and the day. Fun, fun. I'm doing my best. This is a game
  • 06:09 Ah, win, Amanda Palmer made the AfterEllen100 list! And Michelle Obama beat Halle Berry! That is totally how things should go. :D
  • 07:05 Locust done. Bracken after lunch. Ick ick, I hate the exams-really-are-approaching feeling. Blech. I will survive.
  • 08:42 Can I be Kimya Dawson when I grow up? Please?
  • 09:29 @joyitude S'alright. Honestly, it's one of those films that's better to watch with a fanatic/other people. That's what makes it great.
  • 10:41 I read my Windsor Tower poem out loud and Jujubean was shocked to know I wrote it, 'cause she thought it was really good. Yay!
  • 10:45 @createsunspots Swear it's the most fun to read out loud. It was also fun watching Jujubean's shocked expression when I confirmed it's mine.
  • 12:02 @joyitude Good luck! Hope you do well! Tell us how you fair!
  • 14:19 @DinahLady You're so pretty!
  • 14:21 I have introduced my friends to screaming into pillows to release stress. They were shocked by how much the pillow absorbs.
  • 14:35 @FirmieFirms Nope, I bet not. And if you ARE the only one, just introduce the habit to other people! Then you have pillow screaming parties.
  • 15:01 On nematode notes: "This too will pass. Accept uncertainty. What will be will be. Here and Now, be Here and Now. Breathe, and be Aware."
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!