May 6th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Not Dead

Revision 1: Good, worked on Sargasso Sea. Took too long.
Revision 2: A bit discouraged at how long the first took, but after a nap I did alright with sugar cane.
Revision 3: Very discouraged with how long revision was taking me, but got through yeasts pretty well.
Revision 4: Feeling a bit better, I'm getting better at going through the lectures and feeling I really understand them when I'm done, even if I'm not getting loads of extra reading done.

4/19 done for Exploiters then. Even if it wasn't the most productive day, I'm learning how to do this. Not feeling QUITE as screwed. Understanding how to timetable for next year even though it's too late for this year.

Tomorrow: Shower; drop off ecology booklet (last piece of coursework for the year!); pick up Exploiters Test marks; Genes and Chromosomes revision sesh 12-1 in Chem; Living Faith gathering 1-2 Chapliancy; more revision.

(I know the world isn't actually ending. Sometimes it's hard to feel like it isn't, though! Even though most adults around me did make it through! Still stressful.)
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:24 @moebiuscascade How do you get a space name? Because now I want a space name too. =P. Meanie, making me desire things.
  • 18:25 I sent a please-suggest-folk-music-to-me to Mrs. Cavanagh. Light and fluffy, mehopes! Uke break before next revision sesh. Yeast done!
  • 19:10 Lauren gave me some really good frakking chicken. Wonderful spicy chicken. That was a delicious bite of food. Lauren is an awesome neighbour
  • 19:33 @thinkingxbeing Is "senior" a swear-word in your book? And I love how now we're only 2 years apart in school, not 3! Laughter.
  • 19:57 @snoopy874 It seems impossible that at any point we will be back together undead. HOW DO I SEE PAST THE DEATH?!
  • 20:17 I'm pretty sure I would do better in Exploiters and Exploited if I were a heavy drinker and consumer. Hah, such things amuse me.
  • 20:37 I've got a hole right at crotch level in my favourite PJ bottoms. This is a travesty. If only I could sew like at all.
  • 21:05 Pretty much finished with grapevines/wine. Now I get to sleep and awake tomorrow to a whole new day.
  • 05:25 @snoopy874 All nighters are so weird. =[ Hope you made it through alright!
  • 05:25 Sleep failed. At least I'm awake now. I miss Chemistry revision class because of Enviro field trip. FML. I want it to be June 3rd now, plz.
  • 05:56 Batgirl is actively choosing NOT to go to a revision sesh because she "doesn't understand it." Sometimes, I just don't get people!
  • 06:28 Finished first half of bee lecture. Off to give in ecology, get back exploiters test and go to genetics revision. Egheghegh.
  • 11:36 @thinkingxbeing I have heard that! It makes me smile. Also, I got a sunburn. That makes me smile less but smiling because of sun regardless.
  • 11:37 @createsunspots What did the email say? D: I've never heard of such a thing. Torrrenting is banned here and I never found a way around.
  • 11:42 @createsunspots Egads, that's frightening! I'd be shivering. It'll be nice to be off uni Internet for me next year, in a house.
  • 12:21 @moebiuscascade Yay, I'm glad you feel better! :D :D :D! That is so happy!
  • 12:21 Listening to Joan Jett reminds me of Toast a lot. Can't believe that within like two months I'll be partying with her again. Wicked weird!
  • 12:30 Jordans County Crisp chocolate cereal is way too good. Belgian chocolate. Nummy.
  • 12:31 Also, Grampa and Memere sent me a beautiful plate that says "There is time for everything...step back and remember to breathe." "Breathe."
  • 14:26 Go Maine! I'll definitely have to look into some cool spots to hang for when I go up there this summer then. =P
  • 14:39 I have a feeling honey bees are going go end up on the E&E exam, with Varroa and Killer Honey Bees and Colony Collapse. Just a guess.
  • 15:03 @moebiuscascade Hahaha because you are a sex goddess, obviously. You have all the answers to Life, the Universe and Sex (important).
  • 15:09 @moebiuscascade It's totally quotable. It's your MOTTO, you just didn't know it until I told you. =P. Revision bites. I miss you.
  • 15:15 @moebiuscascade I am also eating my cereal out of the box. Chocolate cereal. Enlightenment. Hate revision, you need to see my sunburn!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!