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Kiwi Crocus
02 May 2009 @ 04:12 pm
I got tagged. Whadyaknow. And by a newbie to my livejournal!life, too! Let’s see what odd things I can come up for with myself. (“For” could also be a preposition there, but it’s less “for” myself and more deliberating WITH myself. Yes, this is the commencement of my sitting before a laptop screen and mumbling to myself in argumentative tones. Oh, idea!)

01. Post these rules before you give your facts
02. List 10 random facts about yourself
03. At the end of your post, tag 10 people and list their names.

i) I talk to myself. Full-on talk to myself. Usually when alone, sometimes not. It’s a great way for me to realise how ridiculous my ideas sound. I have a lot of ridiculous ideas and responses, so it’s sometimes good to know when they ARE ridiculous. Of course, I frequently do or say them anyway, but at least knowing they’re ridiculous gives me a good laugh.

ii) I will find just about anything funny. Even some things that disgust me—I will think, “someone else would find that funny” and then I think it’s funny that I DON’T think it’s funny. Yes, I spend a lot of time laughing. That’s probably why I have more than 10 laughs. They’re all remarkably creepy, but I love them.

iii) I have my hip in my trunk. No, that’s not some weirdly way to say I’ve got hips that like to sway and a deliciously meaty posterior (although, hey, I do!). I had a hip replacement at 17 and we went through heck and back to get my old hip. So I’ve got it within a biohazard bag inside another biohazard bag inside a third bag, all wrapped up in paper towels inside my very rainbow trunk (like a Harry Potter trunk, go ask your grandmother). It doesn’t have a name.

iv) My new hip DOES have a name. Its name is Fluffy. That is thanks to [Bad username: lash_larue], because it’s an ironic name for a big ceramic hip and I love irony (but not ironing). I love Fluffy and talk about her (she also has a personified gender) frequently. Sometimes she peeves me with her inabilities but I cannot blame her, for she’s doing her best. Personifying her makes me more appreciative and keeps me positive. (Also, if you ask, “So you have one hip?” I will quickly correct you. “Why, no, I have three! Would you like to see them?”)

v) I love personifying things and writing. I write from the POVs of trees, shrubs, that hated rhododendron in your yard, cats, buildings, lamps. I don’t see it as making Humanity the highest-attained rank, flattering us humans by my continued use of our psyche. I look at it as a way of humbling us. Spreading out of consciousness and realising everything around is important, we all have our own bright lights (especially the lamp, incidentally enough, so let’s put it above us for a minute and see how we like it).

vi) I’m bizarre. Most people would agree with that—whether it is a endearingly whispered “bizarre” with appreciate eyes and a knowing chuckle or a dismissively released “bizarre” with a glare and roll of the eyes, preferably over the shoulder. I’m the strangeling people tend to know. I love meeting other strangelings. I am who I am, and have really stopped trying to hide it.

vii) I have changed a lot, yet also stayed precisely the same. I’m a walking contradiction like that. I have been shy. I have been loud. I sing out, I’m free, I live high, I live low, I say yes, I say no, I am me, I am you; I have a lot of things to be, ways to go and things to do. There are some things that sum up my character rather well, when combined. Monty Python’s Holy Grail and other assorted Monty Python things (thanks Da); Harold and Maude and Cat Sevens (thanks Mum); Landmark Education (thanks parental); Stargirl; The Princess Bride; Where the Wild Things Are; V for Vendetta and others. I can’t always name them. They come in and out of the spotlight.

viii) I started playing ukulele and love it. No, I’m not very good. My voice isn’t excellent but it hits notes and makes me smile. I love sitting around playing and singing. Some day I’d like to be good, but it’s not to Be Good, it’s so I can play more songs, and spend more time playing and singing a whole range of songs.

ix) I have a medical history. Sometimes it’s a big part of me, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I’ll tell you, sometimes I won’t. Sometimes I’ll tell it emotionally, sometimes it’ll be the bear facts. I find histories change with the point of view they’re told from—emotional, logic, informed, uninformed, happy, sad, frustrated, neutral, Stoic. History isn’t set in stone. Mine isn’t. I discover new things every day. Some of them even contradict, but can all be true! Things are complex like that. I keep the shirt I fractured my hip in up on my wall and I touch it every day, my lucky 8 jersey. I call it my “Lucky Jersey” partly because it’s ironic and partly because it’s true. It changed a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t me, here, now if it hadn’t. I have to appreciate turning points like that.

x) I love a lot. I try to fall in love with people as soon as I see them. I’ve been taught to love since I was little, part of being Unitarian Universalist but mainly part of being a good person. I think if people were taught to love more as a child, rather than to read Bible verses or learn maths equations, our human ecology would be a tighter-knit group based on entirely different foundations. I’m not saying the Bible verses and maths equations aren’t important (it’s not my place to judge), but some things are universally important. I think Love is. Acceptance. Respect.

Those are some random and not so random facts. Now for the tagging! 101_mutts, the__empress (so she’ll finally update her frakking journal truly<3), kellychambliss, fey_spirit, forestofglory, rucifer, hey_katherz, gerrist, smileyfacesuper and YOU. (I hate doing tagging stuff. Just do it if you want! It can be fun. Put the rules in if you want, tag if you want, do 5 facts if you want—have fun, do whatever you want!)
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Kiwi Crocus
02 May 2009 @ 09:04 pm
  • 07:53 @snoopy874 I think I would pick swine flu over end-of-years too, provided I didn't have to die or make them up. Geh. Hits head on wall.
  • 07:56 @joyitude I think I'm that kind of tired too. Crying, sleeping and being held sound amazing to me right now. Not gonna happen. Augh.
  • 07:56 @snoopy874 Awwwr, those are epic signs and I'm so jealous that you get to go to NoHo pride. I don't know if I get to hit ANY pride this year
  • 10:39 F'in heck! (GA Spoiler, stop reading.) Denny and the being back! WTF, no! If it weren't for the lesbians, would throw the show window-way.
  • 10:41 Nevermind. If it weren't for the lesbians and CRISTINA, I would throw the show. Cris!snark is the best snark, she's a snark shark., yay yay.
  • 11:33 @createsunspots Looking gay is good! I usually look gay, heh.
  • 11:34 Wish I were a better Buddhist. That is a very non-Buddhist thought. The prior thought is judgmental. Enlightenment is far yet a breath away.
  • 11:47 Frak I have two tests in Enviro in Practice next week. What the frak. Can this be over, please? Frikfrak, I hate tests. Stupid modules.
  • 11:49 Dear uni: 4 emails on swine flu in a day seems a bit excessive. You can go back to talking about quiet hours if you want to.
  • 11:57 @snoopy874 Yeah. I don't know the when and where's, and don't really know anyone, plus exam time. So not sure about that.
  • 12:13 I declare it shower time, given I've put it off so long already. Then we'll see what comes of life.
  • 13:33 I actually called the UU group. They meet once a month, second Sun. Will have to go next week. Still have to find weekly something. Quakers?
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!