April 30th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:45 I love how when I feel down and depressed I listen to Hallelujah to feel like things will be ok, then Cat Stevens to know they'll be great.
  • 16:46 Also, my hip hurts like frickety frak. I'm almost tempted to take pain killer but it's a waste 'cause I'm not trying to do anything active.
  • 17:29 @joyitude Yaaay! I thought I had lost my memory stick for a bit and thought I would die. </3. Glad you found yours.
  • 18:53 @createsunspots I always think I should stop eating cookie dough, but when it's around I always scarf it. And making it is calming. Oops!
  • 18:56 @createsunspots No, I totally agree. I think in a way cookie dough is a drug! Even cookies are. It's terrible. They make me feel so sick!
  • 20:07 @createsunspots You are the cookie monster, it has been decided. But monster is a positive term to me anyway, so, giggles.
  • 20:07 is completely knackered so she's going to put the other Red Kite journals away for now and go to sleep, finish researching and write her ...
  • 03:50 I hate stressed times! I go to sleep at a reasonable time and then keep waking up. Sigh. At least I'm awake. Field trip all day. Egads.
  • 12:43 @thinkingxbeing Oh, thank you, that's so sweet! Report due in for tomorrow and then I should be a bit less stressed. Thanks for the love!
  • 12:46 @createsunspots Amazing tweet! Exploding trees and floral, sing-song rain chirps! @thinkingxbeing Learned that working in insurance. =[
  • 12:47 is back from her field trip and feeling tired but alright, ready to tackle tea (or something) and then her report some more.
  • 14:12 @thinkingxbeing Your job sounds eerily like the job I had last summer, that often made me want to shoot myself in the foot. D: Hugshugshugs!
  • 14:38 One of my friends left three lollies taped to my door. These are the best lollies ever. I'm in love. I could have one every day, nummy.
  • 15:35 No, I don't want to start up my report again. =[ Save me. Need conversations, I guess! Always Grey's or conversation helps.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!