April 29th, 2009

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My body keeps waking me up too early and I have to keep sending it back to bed. I think it's the stress. I never feel very well rested.

I woke up today and showered and made myself look nice. Felt down and panicky when I went to ecology field course, but eventually cheered up. We sorted through insects for hours. I cried when one of the larvae wasn't dead and we had to put it in the alcohol and it was still thrashing around, so intent on LIVING.

It was then nicknamed by Jojo "Alcoholic Nigel" because it wouldn't die. Somehow I eased into not thinking about it. I hate slug slime and the smell of dead insects with alcohol. I had some fun from time to time.

Like with Alex's really cool, huge beetle. An instructor walked by and said, "I like your beetle." So I repeated it all sexy-like with waggly eyebrows and then added in a different sexy voice, as if in response, "And I love your hymen...optera." Because I am dorky enough to joke about/make puns involving the orders of insects.

We made it through. It's not perfect, there are loads of mistakes and it could have been so much better with more time, but we made it through. The insects were sorted to order so now we can look at the raw data and analyse, bla bla.

Came back. Uke thing arrived from Uncle and I'm sending the extra key I forgot to leave back. Also the clear die (like dice) lip ring which Haley helped me get in.

Played uke a bit. Love that I can tune it now. Actually prefer D-tuning 'cause it's higher and fits the soprano voice. Jujubean was impressed with the improvement from last term. Juju told me Alisha is coming 'round tomorrow. I'm excited. We hung out in Juju's room with video games and I got to play an old-school Lion King Game. It was epic. Then down to the bar, where I worked and then beat up Matt for an American football. Upstairs for What Lies Beneath, which was hilarious because everyone kept jumping and screaming and I just think horror films are funny. I got some good work done. Tomorrow's business is reading through journal entries.

No panic attacks today. At this point that's all I look for. Days with no panic attacks. I'm sure counselling is full up. Will go for a drop-in appointment when I can.

Ecology tomorrow morning. Everyone, not just group B. Should be interesting.

Getting into my Hermione Bang story too. Figuring out how I want to do tenses and POVs with changing times and characters. Love the ideas that come with time-oriented stories.

It's night-night time!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:01 In Sass' room with the gang watching What Lies Beneath. Haven't seen since age 11. Don't remember at all. Working too! Yay.
  • 19:09 Batgirl told me today that my American voice sounds like Twiligt's Bella. Headwall, seriously. Travesty! Sound like a happy hippie!
  • 19:35 I've got some good journals papers to go through tomorrow, I think. After ecology. May head to sleep early. Whoa.
  • 07:36 @thinkingxbeing Go you for being almost done!! :D I wish life would let us chill out for seconds. I would totally love and appreciate that.
  • 07:37 @Burningeden Ahhahhah that is so good. Yes, can I divorce my life to? Wait, no, separation. Need a break. I'll come back when we've settled.
  • 07:38 @moebiuscascade No, that's not fair! You have an exam! People shouldn't be allowed to make lots of noise and wake you up! Idiots.
  • 07:39 Finished up with ecology. Have to go back and finish my graphs, no bug dwak/big deal. At counselling to book appointment. Eeps?
  • 09:03 Put in my paperwork. Have a student advisory appointment at 3.30. Off to register with a GP before that, then back here. Egads. Busy.
  • 10:20 I just added a Grey's Erica/Mark story to a new memory section "Grey's Het Shudder." The writing is good. I'll see if I can stomach it.
  • 10:25 My leg hurts. It did not enjoy the walking around today. Tomorrow is a day or walking around. Frak, that's not going to be fun.
  • 12:35 @moebiuscascade Yaaaay for exam being over!
  • 12:36 I've just realised I'm pretty much the only fully single person in my extended group of close friends at uni and my bestie. This stinks.
  • 15:45 I am so tired. Sleeping in stressed times so does not work well. The others are down at the bar. I'm about to work on my red kite report.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!