April 25th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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A lot of this term is going to be hell.

My friends in other places are beginning to pack up and go home--some are already home.

I'm only through my first week of last semester. 1/10th done. I've got 8 finals between me and home.

I've also got the exam schedule from hell. One week with Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the Monday after. Then about a week for peace and then another set of three in a row, then a week or so and the last one.

I'm going to die. I mean obviously I'm not, I'm going to get through it, but it's going to frakking suck.

Thank Gods I've got friends and a ukulele.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:06 I think that episode of Grey's actually DID change my life. Watching it again as I clean and decorate my room.
  • 19:59 Makuchan's mother is a frakking twat. M is getting surgery in a week and apparently her mum can't be buggered to take one day off. wtf!
  • 20:02 @createsunspots I WANT PICS! <3 @moebiuscascade Such good phrasing, dear. Always trying to remember that too. We aren't our anger, either.
  • 20:42 @shondarhimes Wasn't Callie the one who ate hair in the back? I thought it was her from the speech in Mere's kitchen. But, bad mem. here!
  • 20:44 'kay, screw being in accommodation: if boys walk around nearly nude I'm going to the loo in a skirt and bra at 2 a.m. Who cares, honestly?
  • 21:41 Looks like the Ben Brigade is back. Clubbing Fri night at Dogma is apps. good stuff? But so het. I like my Queers too much, I think! Oops.
  • 21:57 Just realised two of my fave les films include the same poem. So weird and cool and happy. I watch too many films at night! Love this one.
  • 22:56 My room is decorated enough for me to feel like I live in it. Finished Adventure of Two Girls in Love again, first les film I watched. Sleep
  • 13:23 Back from town shopping. I've got some better comfy summer clothes to wear. Should be set now, I think, after cutting up some tights!
  • 14:27 Most comfy bottoms EVER. Anyway. Discussing meal plans for tea now. Film fun later!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!