April 22nd, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 13:10 tinyurl.com/2y3ngh WTF random AmandaFPalmer but, lulz. @createsunspots Have heard a portion of love lasts forever, beyond breaks.
  • 13:11 @thinkingxbeing I hate the nervous cycle! Hugs. Hope you're through it! [[Also, all my friends have the coolest Twitnames!]]
  • 13:13 @createsunspots May I join your nudist colony? That idea sounds brilliant. But I will sit in the shade, for I burn far too easily in sun.
  • 13:21 @moebiuscascade Have to disagree about leggings--but I always wear Docs anyway, and I wear leggings to stop painful chafing. =[ Hate tights.
  • 13:32 tinyurl.com/cp85rm OMG, pro-gaymarraige hilariosity! So win, so win, so win under an umbrella of win! THE GAY STORM IS COMING!
  • 15:33 I just angrily crumpled a paper and threw it at the door, it bounced against the wall and back at me. Now I have a new game to play.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!