April 21st, 2009

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Here is my Break Post.

I've been working on and off since 7 p.m. That's well and good. The first work was on the Red Kite report, though, so I wouldn't forget what I had learned and would have a good foundation for it. Then I was on my way.

It started out very slow. Took me forever to get through one source but it was a big packet and it gave me a lot of good stuff to discuss in my discussion.

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So yes. This is also a To-Do and What-To-Look-Forward-To.

To Do List:
1) Go through last two soil seed bank sheets.
2) Actually make graphs and stuff out of the data (sigh).
3) Results.
4) Discussion.
5) Introduction.
6) Materials and Methods if not done before.
7) Abstract.

To Look Forward To:
1) Shower.
2) Breakfast with friends.
3) Day again, smiles.
4) Passing in at Agric.
5) Decorating/finish unpacking.
6) Sleep

CJ was clubbing until three and now I guess she's sleeping so she can do it when she wakes up or something. I don't know how she does it.

Also, the mood icon does not fit the mood. Birdies are singing. I always have to pee because I keep on drinking tea, whee! Rhyme.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I don't know if I have ever felt this screwed in my life.


I've been working all night and I still haven't been able to touch the data. I hate the way it's organised. I hate the way my head can't wrap around it properly. I miss Simon being able to explain things well. Professor Alistair Moody...pardon me, Alistair MURDOCH, is a poor second.

I can't believe this is worth 20% of my module. Not that it matters, given it's a first year that doesn't count and I'm passing the course with flying colours, but still.

I think I may be in shock.

I'm working on the introduction. The materials and method section is complete. I have 666 words. (Gods, is that not a sign? I stopped at a random place.) Can put 200 more into the introduction. 150 into the abstract when I'm done with the whole thing.

But between now and then is doing something with the stupid data. I have a feeling writing the 200 words for results and 500 words for discussion/conclusions won't be that difficult when I've just got something to work with.

At least I know this for my future. I was not meant to be given raw data and try to make it pretty into graphs. My mind just cannot visualise it or understand what should go where, how what should be organised!

Augh I can't do this! I mean, I WILL, but, sigh.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:40 I procrastinated on work with other work. Way to go, brain. Death. This report is going to kill me over night, seriously. Fraaaaak. =[
  • 17:30 @createsunspots Because you're a beautiful person and your aura attracts beauty, as do the auras of those around you? :D Beautybeautybeauty!
  • 17:31 The Correlation of Visible Flora to the Soil Seedbank of Habitats Progressing from Woodland to Grassland. I even suck with titles.</3.
  • 17:38 Also, I detest peeing. As I've stated. On one hand, it keeps me awake. On another, it keeps me uncomfortable. Frak eet. Sigh. Tea. Not help.
  • 18:01 I can't really express how much I want to just not exist right now. Sigh. Nerves in the gut, yes, but...just sad. And discouraged. No tears.
  • 18:59 Going to go get a second cup of tea. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry. I can do this, and even if I can't, it doesn't matter.
  • 20:41 @joyitude Ohmygods, we are so in the same place. Me=sci. report due tomorrow worth 20%. Really getting into now. But worried for me. =[.
  • 21:42 @zapthatmonster Noooo, you're not allowed to be sick! D: Sends you love and love and love and healing energy stuff. <3
  • 22:31 @thinkingxbeing Smiles. Thanks! Trees and bikes and Twitter. Mmm. And tea! I am having lots of tea. Now you can too! Yay!
  • 22:31 Want one of the "I Killed Jenny" shirts. Would wear it and everything would be epic. I killed Jenny in the Pool with the Personal Vendetta.
  • 00:15 "...4 am before the final paper is due cursing the world 'cause I didn't start sooner and seeing the rest of the class there too."
  • 01:09 It's bad that I've succumb and am doing an easy bit-materials and methods. I fear Excel. I'm afraid. I feel screwed. CJ sign on!
  • 02:02 I stink so much at maths. I can't even get number of seedlings per m(2) from augre width (cm) and mean seeds found (17.6667). Fail me.
  • 02:44 I figured out the easy maths thing but I'm still so screwed for trying to do stuff with this data. I just want to cry and have the day over.
  • 02:52 @joyitude Congrats on finishing your paper. I'm still working on my science report.Not as good at reports as I am at papers. =[
  • 10:28 Printing out my soil seedbank report now so I can hand it in. Headache from heck. Then back home for whatever goodness. Stupid sun. Ouch.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!