April 20th, 2009

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I'm at uni. I saw my friends. My room is mildly unpacked, still have to make it homey.

It has been white-washed. It makes it bright and...white-washed. I don't like it. I don't like White. I will like it more when I decorate and Rainbowify, Kiwifise.

The curtains are now red with different colour circle-design things that look like they have teeth. I don't like the curtains, I miss the blue ones.

I left my memory stick at Uncle's. We have been in touch about this, he doesn't know how to use a memory stick, he is trying to get me the Jubilee River report. Of course I do this the one time I finish an assessment early. As long as he sends me the report for tomorrow I will be fine.

Tomorrow I have ecology lecture 9-1, then I have an Environment in Practice field trip to go learn about red kites. Normally I would be excited. Instead I feel drained.

After that I will have to be working through the night on my Seedbank report, which hasn't been started. Thank Gods I have no lectures on Tuesday so I can work from whatever time I get back from the Enviro field trip right on until 4 p.m. Tuesday if need be, but hopefully not, hopefully will finish far before then and be able to go to sleep.

I know I also have ecology on Wednesday. I think Friday. At least Thursday I don't, so I can get my Humans and Genetics stuff done, provided I don't have anything else.

Basically the schedule is all up in the air or not understandable and it peeves the heck out of me.

CJ is still working on her Jubilee report due for tomorrow, well, today. She's 800 words in. But she does have 400 words done on the Seedbank, I believe. I have none done. I will survive this week. Somehow, I will survive this week.

So I'm going to go read to calm down and then sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and Play School.

I am not at this present moment happy. At all. I do kinda want to cry up with someone comfortable and cry a bit, not panicked, not whatever else, just regular sad tears. Hopefully friends tomorrow will help. Also hinder, given they distract from Work, but helpful at least.

I get to see Jojo. There's a little spark of joy.

Edit - Also, there is a Giant Fucking Spider (not HUGE, but, like, big, to me) in my room. Above my shelves. And this does nothing to aid my mental stability right now. Wibble. F'kin hell, FML. I don't think I can find anything else to do but laugh right now. So laughter, reading, sleep.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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That may well have been the worst sleep I've had in a very long time.

I couldn't sleep until Uncle sent me the report. That I understand. I took a few minutes to read the three pieces of post I had waiting for me here - FUSF newsletter (my Mum was in it!), an Easter card from McSpleeny reporting she can't wait for summer (neither can I) and an Easter card from Mrs. Czyrklis, which I completely appreciate.

Tried to go to sleep. Jumped out of bed to put a folder near by bag. Tried again. Sang. Tried again, failed, Mary came home with boys from clubbing, they were up for a while.

Must have drifted off for a bit but woke up a long while before my alarm clock and then drifted to the half-place that isn't very restful and when I'm distraught isn't even good for dreams.

Now I face the day, then I face the night of work.

But for now I guess I face Now, and I can always deal with the Now, so I'll go for that one.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:03 Signing off and all. So weird, so weird. Soweirdsoweirdsoweird. My face is flushed, wtfery. Meanings, meanings, running all around.
  • 20:41 I really want to crawl into a ball and die right now. Memory stick at uncle's. I can't even laugh anymore. Tears and FML.
  • 20:49 Thank Gods. At least I can breath a little now. I'm going to sleep so I can tackle another stressful report tomorrow. I will cry for joy ...
  • 03:15 So tired. Need more sleep. Time for breakfast, but neeeeeed mooooore sleeeeeeeep. Death. Class in 45. Frak.
  • 14:02 I am back from lectures and tea and ready to sit down to work. Frak. Beginning of a long dark tunnel. End, do I get to see you yet? FML x 75
  • 14:13 @snoopy874 Or both. Or three-quarters. Which would be true. =P. zOMGz YOU SMART QUEER YOU, PURDY LADEH!
  • 15:36 @thinkingxbeing Pashipashpash, I'm going to die. =[ Why do I put myself through all-nighters? Why? Good luck with your working!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!