April 17th, 2009

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FML, honestly. (No I'm alright really, as usual.)

I did get to speak with my parents on the phone today though. That was nice, even if was epic fail that I can't even reach the place the model plugs in to reset it.

So I've been upsatirs in the office all day pretty much. No actual dinner. Distraughtness. Wrote a fanfic and chatted some.

I started working way too late so I've just gone though my information a bit, evened it out and done references.

And with that I know I'm screwed! Because the source I had as a reference is actually from engineers, and apparently they didn't do it the way scientists do it, so there isn't the Volume # and Page #s, so Duncan probably won't include it as a journal article. And I couldn't find another one that I wouldn't have to pay for, not even on Web of Science--I would be willing to email the authors, but I couldn't FIND any, so whatever.

So! Frakked! I've got shite sources for a report that's going to turn out crummy. But I HAVE definitely tried, and I know everyone else is having trouble with it to, sooo...que sera, sera?

Tomorrow I need to get the report written and start going through the seedbank stuff. Try to make sense of the data and figure out what graphs I have to do. If I get enough work done tomorrow I may let myself out Saturday to meet up with Charchar and go into town for a bit, given I have Sunday for work on Seedbank too (minus some time for packing) and then Monday after whatever class stuff I'll end up with. Oh, have to check my timetable.

My conclusion? I need to listen to more Zoë Lewis, because she calms me down and brings me back into myself. I also need to start following her directions and drink some tea! Especially when I'm working!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:41 I have 16 pages of notes to go off for the Jubilee River report. That should be enough. Also, I love Lui Collins. "Gold Upon the Trees." <3
  • 19:49 I was about to smash my head in with a stapler when "Que Sera Que Sera" came on. I will live. One mark is not my life. Breathe, let it be.
  • 20:04 Frak frakking journal entries, I give up for the night. Also, I get way too much of a thrill from comments on my fics, I swear.
  • 06:17 @moebiuscascade Teehee, piercings. And yay for you getting to go to uni on Saturday! No idea how I'll get in LATE Sunday night. D:
  • 06:23 I am ridiculously excited for the new Harry Potter movie. It's going to be way too much action for me, but still <3. Saw glimpse of MaggieS!
  • 07:18 If I make it to next weekend alive without suffering a gituginous panic attack, I will sing Hallelujah for an hour and pass out on my bed.
  • 07:38 @moebiuscascade Hopefully everyone will be asleep! I may be arriving after midnight, like 1-ish! I don't know how I'll get my key! Erglack!
  • 08:33 I made noodles. With the stove. There was a spider living in one of the pans. Seriously, Uncle? Seriously? Laughter. But tummy content now.
  • 08:45 Sent an email off to accommodation to ask what I'll have to do about arriving so late. Phew, at least that's something off my overfull plate
  • 11:16 As soon as I sit down my bladder tells me I need to pee. When I go to the loo, not so much. Bladder, you are an inconvenience! Shakes fist.
  • 12:10 Here's a wave to my old self, a half-decade ago! Chin up, Kiwi! The fracture sucks but...grins, why not give Mrs. O a ring, hmm?
  • 12:50 I wrote a first sentence. It won't stay the first sentence, but ohmigods, there's a sentence down. Holy shite. A sentence.
  • 13:18 @moebiuscascade Good luck finding your clothes! <3 Love them! @thinkingxbeing I'm glad lots of good has been headed your way today!
  • 13:24 @neilhimself Amused me that it was anti-telecommunications technology in blog format looking for comments. Anti-twitter bandwagon hopper. :]
  • 13:51 Can someone please remind me that reading HP fic does not aid the writing of my flood alleviation report? No, scratch that, DON'T remind me.
  • 14:05 Just realised I'm doing the Day of Silence because I have no one to talk to. Times are sad when forced into silence by lack of company. D:
  • 15:04 600 words but a lot of them are useless. Oh well. I can take them out when I put more substantial stuff in. At least it's looking good.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.



I needs it!

I have not had a face-to-face conversation in 72 hours! I need to compensate! I'm going crazy!

Chugging away with the work, but gehhhh the crazies!

Uhm, takes a breath.

So that's me currently. I started talking to myself in the mirror because I hadn't used my voice the entire day. It is very creepy staying in one room all day and not talking to anyone.

Although I guess I talked to that one post-man. But that was a 30-second conversation, and it was just one question on my part and a thank you.

I take it back, I could never be a hermit. I'd have to go into town and people watch and buy coffee to speak with the people behind the counter to pull it off.
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