April 16th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today was surprisingly amazing. I decided last night that the lot of the junk was ridiculous, that if I take a breath I can stay centred.

I woke up, felt a bit down at the prospect of a day all alone, but threw myself into a shower with music. Sang in the shower. Took my time getting ready in the morning and smiled at myself in the mirror. I love spending time out of clothes.

Came downstairs. Online. Ate the wrap I had stored in the fridge. Smiled, connected with people, caught up, read the news. Laughed. Put the telly on mute and kept with my music, which has been wise.

Started working in the evening. As 12.15 or so, I've been through all my sources and have all my information gathered. So now it's sorting through and writing it. I can do it, smiles. It won't be perfect, it probably won't even be great (no one's is with this report), but I can do it and I can be content.

I finished off the chicken with wraps again tonight. (Malcolm bought a lot of wraps, which is fine with me, I don't get bored of repetition with food!) Getting better at chopping things--celery and the like. Not even slices, but faster and safe. And I enjoyed it. Wished I had had avocados. We're out of tomato sauce. May have to go out to grab stuff after all. I think I can make it, though--I have three packets of noodles, pasta up in the cuphboards, beans...I should be set with that and veggies and wraps and Easter chocolate for dessert. I feel a lot more capable of living in a house now. This has been helpful. Wraps = GOOD SOLUTION, work for lunch and tea!

At 9 I danced around in my underwear and felt lovely. I decided to stay out of clothes because hey, I've got a house to myself! Why should I burden myself with clothes at night? Laughter.

Tomorrow is another day. Joyous be, tomorrow is another day!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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asdgf akerhwawejk!!

Yesterday was so nice. I realised how much I loved spending time downstairs with my laptop, reclinging on the cough and enjoying the day with occasional dance and getting up for meals.

So after that I read and went to sleep. Woke up today, finished reading Ludmila's Broken English and went out for a walk to put Uncle's letter in the post. Couldn't find the box he was talking about, walked up the street and saw Post Office Street, decided to explore. As I was coming back up I saw a man on a bike and stopped him kindly. He was actually a post man, so when I asked where the nearest place to put post was he took it and we shared a quick smiling conversation. I walked off and felt wonderful. I love moments like that.

Came back and prepared for another down day for work. Aspen wouldn't connect to the Internet. I was confused. She was connected to the network, but not to the Internet. "Limited connectivity." I brought her upstairs and couldn't figure it out without the Internet. Called Uncle and got the password to his desktop. Got on and checked it out.

So it's complicated. I tried the stuff I could that made sense to me involving just my laptop. Wireless card, firewall, stuff like that. I've never understood IP Addresses so I left that alone. The other suggested things with router security and restarting/toying with things I left, because this isn't my house or my Internet and it's not my place to touch all that.

Shot an email off to Mum/Da and now I'm "settled" up here. I've got some snacks, a blanket, my laptop for music and reference and my bag.

It's very not the same. When I'm sitting I always have to pee more--and yes, the loo is now closer, it's still annoying. It's not as comfortable to be sitting in a computer chair within a desk. There are two monitors for the computer and they won't turn, so it faces straight out and that's strange. It's far off to my left. It's a wide monitor that stretches everything horizontally and makes my eyes go funny. I feel a bit boxed in in the office and I'm also clearly in my uncle's space. I'm not downstairs where I feel more connected to stuff and the kitchen. I don't have the space to move around as much. This computer doesn't have all the programs that I use and will miss. The keyboard is English (" and @ switched, which is annoying, and # where the enter button would stick out to). It's flat and I mess up on it a lot.

It just...doesn't feel like home like my laptop, and in a time when I'm lookng for comfort (while working) I'm not feeling it. Which is icky.

Buuuut it's where I am, and I can do little or nothing to change that, so this is the way it has to go. At least I know if I absolutely cannot handle it I can shoot off £5 to the Commercial Wireless Internet I CAN connect to for a day of Internet. Would prefer not to do that. :B

Blech. Mistress Fate? Sometimes you distress me.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:24 Loves how after underwear-dancing she never wants to put clothing on again. But she wishes she had more dance stamina to keep going. <3
  • 17:16 OK that was very coincidential. Played my self-written parody song "Witch" and then the song it was based off--"Bitch." Laughter.
  • 18:01 Bedtime in an hour. But I have a journal source! Yayyayyay! This paper will at LEAST have a journal source, thank gods.
  • 18:37 I think I like Norah Jones' music. Her voice is soothing and the beat is soft to me. I like. Probably because it reminds me of Calzone. :]
  • 09:35 @zapthatmonster Holy flying frak, FRONT ROW? That is so amazing! I wish I could have front row tickets to Rent!
  • 09:36 Also, news in the life of Kiwi: I'm frakked. So. I'm gonna...uhmm...listen to Ani DiFranco and chortle about being frakked? Frikfrak. </3 D:
  • 10:46 Fmylife.com - FML #1002619 - tinyurl.com/c7nckb
  • 12:05 @moebiuscascade Would so do that on purpose and then say it was an accident. :B I do not understand what's supposed to be cute about babies!
  • 13:05 @moebiuscascade I wish to speak with you! What is the best way to get in touch with you given I don't have Skype on this computer? :C
  • 14:07 Listening to Avenue Q makes life better. It and FML are the best form of schadenfreude. It's also fun to sing.
  • 15:17 @Risikaaure Pirate fest! Whoa! I twitter a lot when I'm stuck in an empty house procrastinating on important work I need to do for uni. </3
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!