April 13th, 2009

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Yesterdaaaay, hmm. I had difficulty going to sleep. Woke up at 11.40 initially with people moving around and that was just too early for me. I forced myself back to sleep and woke up again at 2, feeling groggy and a bit down. I don't think my dream was very happy.

I went to take a shower and there was an envelope marked "KIWI" on the sink. It was an Easter egg hunt sheet. I laughed as I realised I had never had a real one before and took my shower. Got ready, did my net stuff, looked stuff up and started. I'll write the clues and where they were (all 'cept two, which I never found and Uncle will knock me upside the head for.)

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I searched around and had some fun. Some time after five I got hungry and settled downstairs. I put some chicken in the oven. As I was making up some wraps Uncle left for what I guess to be Sue's.

I was very happy as Grease was on. I ate slowly, enjoyed my meal through dance and boogied with Grease up loud. After it finished I felt pretty alone. Not talking to many people these days and it seems I have so little to actually say, but I miss company. Skyped with the fam and now they know I have a lip piercing. It was as icky as I thought it would be, but I guess I'm relieved it's over? Not really but let's pretend. It was nice to see the fam. After that I tried to play uke but it's way out of tune and for some reason I am incapable of tuning string instruments. Tried to use the site that makes tuning uke's "easy" but failed. Can basically only ever use garageband because it has pitch tuning, but there's no garageband for Windows that I wouldn't have to pay for. For some reason I tried to work. I got frustrated when I couldn't find one of the sources I had used before despite that I had referenced it already. My body's response to frustration at the moment is tears, so that's how I ended up.

Television is yucky. 4 channels. I keep it on because otherwise I feel lonely in an empty house, but then I'm tempted to look at it from time to time, and it seems there is hardly ever anything nice on. So I feel ick with it off and on.

Went upstairs at midnight, got ready for bed, read a chapter of the book I'm on, listened to my iPod and slept. Woke up at 9 and read another chapter. Internetted. Went off to shower and now I'm downstairs.

Have nibbled a bit. Think I'm going to write a little satirical piece and then I'll *gulp* try to work again.

I'm also a bit screwed because Uncle is on holiday starting Wednesday until late Sunday night. Which means I will be arriving at uni veeeeery late Sunday night, because that's better than shooting for morning for me. Definitely need to make SURE these two assignments are not all-nighters then because Sunday night CAN'T be one and Monday night I'll be knackered. And somehow that frightens me even more because it's always my fall-back plan. Not sensible, not sensible at all, but comforting.

I can do this. I can do this I can do this I can do this. I can so do this. Somehow, I can, I can I must.

Regardless, that was my Easter--the first well-timed night as well, despite sleep troubles!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Kiwi: Hey sexy.
Makuchan: Hey, my large chested, loose lesbian woman friend.
M: How I miss our nights together.

My friends amuse me.
It makes me happy when I am in touch with them.

In other news: Bedknobs and Broomsticks is on! Television, at least you like me at present. I remember Antoinette lent me this film senior year. I watched it loads of times before giving it back. And somehow, it still reminds me of Watsonii!
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