April 12th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Birdsong at Half Four

Today was supposed to be a day of getting stuff done. It was not.

I woke up at noon and all I could do was write. I wrote some Rosie/Lark. Went to the Petrol station and corner store to get Easter stuff to remind me of home. Came back and wrote Callica.

Came downstairs and made an actual meal for myself. Breaded chicken (cheating, pre-breaded but it required oven use) wrap with avocado (which I cut well!), ketchup (I can't have chicken without it), mayo (goes well as a first layer on the wrap), sliced olives, salt, pepper, paprika and sugar. I actually really liked it. Cleaned up after myself.

Uncle and Sue went out for some jazz evening. Instead of getting work done or further writing I found a site that would help me learn some French, for some bizarre reason.

They burned their food.

I think Sue is still quite neat but I am getting that under-skin feeling that she isn't all sugar and sweets. I get a bit of a strange feeling from time to time. I think she believes I'm exceedingly odd in many ways--one being the fact that I enjoy writing odd novels just for myself. But it's less the "good" odd for her, I think, and more of a judgemental one. I suppose that's OK. Her daughter seems like a very normal 19-year-old. I am not.

Watched an odd Buddhist film that was touching. Time to head up to sleep now. I get chocolate tomorrow. Will have to get myself to settle down and do a bit of work despite the holiday (let's face it though, to me it's just a day to celebrate spring and chocolate). Will let myself do some writing too.

I'm very focused on finishing the works in my "current works" folder, given there aren't many. I'm not sure how I'll feel when that's done. It will mean I have no current novels or short stories I'm working on. I haven't started something new in a long while. I need to start the hermionebang one.

Night night. Happy Easter to those who do it.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Fuck you, Amazon.

Homosexuality is not only about sex, just like heterosexuality is not despite that it has "sex" in it just the same. The key difference being heterosexual books don't need LABELLED as such because they're the MAJORITY. We have to search specifically for our books--adult and romantic or no--because by comparison there are so few, and they need to be labelled to be found.

If you adjusted your sale technique and search for the heterosexual books as well, you would be selling next to nothing.

Perhaps children's books. Although, gasp, those have a Mummy and a Daddy or Two Mummies or Two Daddies! Which hints at sex, provided the poor Mommies are not suffering Lesbian Bed Death (joke). So the ones with single parents would work, right, given there would be no sex? Unless the parent was dating. Then no no no bad!

We're not sex fiends just because we're GLBTQ. We have books without sex that don't need to be treated like adult books, when even censuring those makes me raise an eyebrow and glare. Discriminate against us equally so we can hate and boycott you just for that. This extra rage is bad for our health and aura.

Fuck you, Amazon.

We should sick the Angry Bears and Butch Dykes on Bikes at you, wielding rainbow swords to smite your website.
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