April 8th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Eeeei, win, I have a mood theme now! Went through loads of trouble to get a Callie Torres one and then it didn't work well, so I found an L Word one!

Some of them I don't think fit very well, others make me smile.

Now I have to actually try to get things done. Let's see if I can do this TDL thing.

1) Get up and ready for the day
2) Unpack
3) Re-write written TDL
4) Organise a load of washing (2 loads in)
5) Get Uncle to show me how to do the washing
6) Consume food of some sort
7) Finalise plans to visit friend tomorrow

8) Look at the Genes practicals / take notes
9) Go through a few more Jubilee river sources
10) Finish going through fanfic for kiwish_beat so you can get back to fiction

I think I'll leave it at 10 for now. Perhaps I can do this!
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    Kim & Reggie Harris - Come Closer
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:14 @FirmieFirms I'm just getting super into Suzanne Vega. I love that song! I think it will end up one of my favourites.
  • 17:15 Carole King is beautiful and elegant and eloquent and has a lovely smile and laugh and listens intently and speaks consciously. Love.
  • 17:16 Oh, Great Love, she's singing You've Got a Friend! I love you, Carole King; I'm sending some love to Cavcreature now too.
  • 17:28 Carole King is on channel 2 again on Friday at 10. Will have to remember that! Would love to see her on the telly again. Back to editing.
  • 18:24 My uncle bought me two bottles of Schweppes! Holy lemonade, Batgirl, way to go! (Hah. Batgirl. I haz that friend!)
  • 22:09 Sometimes when there is very quick, random breezes outside at night I pretend it's the Knight Bus and I'm a witch on Muggle terf.
  • 22:22 It feels really cool to see a post in a community and go, "Hey that's my icon!" and then see my screenie in the credit line. Giggles, win.
  • 23:22 There is a show on the telly about the digestive system. "Peristalsis" made me think "Cooper!" and smile. Also, SLEEP NOW Kiwi!
  • 07:54 @FirmieFirms All I knew was Tom's Diner too! And I still love the song, but there is definitely so much more to her than that. Yay musack.
  • 08:30 I think this is the second time Dictionary.com has has "chimerical" as its word of the day. I remember the story I wrote for it before!
  • 11:19 I am going to keel my frakking heep in the ceramic. Shakes leg at you--honestly, Fluffy, up and atom! It's your day, cease it today!
  • 11:19 @thinkingxbeing Pashipashpash, I miss you! <3 We should chat some time!
  • 12:03 I now need to decide where I'm going to keep my DivaCup so I can get in the habit of it. And remembering it. Hmm. Deliberating...
  • 12:08 Win for randomly finding three quid! That covers bus fair if I want to pop into town or to the bar. Very good, very good!
  • 12:39 Kimya Dawson is playing 18th May at Union chapel in London! I need to go to this! Need need need! ...but not if it costs too much.
  • 13:03 OhEmGee. I have been operating on the same TDL since my birthday. More than a month ago. WTF, yes, time for a new one!
  • 15:26 @snoopy874 Haha. Youyou do need jewjew help! Uhm not really. But yeah, have a good Passover! And having it not be procrastinatory!
  • 15:27 Finished load of washing. Undies everywhere. Uncle came in and laughed awkwardly, toting along a drying-rack. Interesting moments!
  • 15:55 I have the window open to help the washing dry. An insect flew in, right towards me and flew straight into my eye. I didn't blink. I'm dumb.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!