April 5th, 2009

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Sleeping went reasonably last night. I think I got more sleep than previously but I didn't feel well-rested. Sass came in and was shocked I had been able to sleep through the noise of the plumber banging. I remember waking up, groaning and then incorporating the noise into my dream. I've grown pretty good at that through the years.

I got up eventually but there was no water because of the plumbing so no shower. Got dressed and ready. We hung around a bit, then off to the gardens nearby. We were walking around in stores and chit-chatting a little.

It struck me that the thing that really bothers me about Sass is that she isn't a very good listener--that's frequently why so many of her statements come out judgementally. She's either hardly listening at all or she's listening only to put in her next response, and she will cut off to do so. And it's most painful because she CAN be such a good listener! When we really get through to each other the times can be so beautiful and connected. But most of the time that doesn't happen.

Her Mum bought us lunch and it was nummy. We were walking around more. I let myself spend spare change on beautiful little rocks like I used to when I was kid, for my Happy Sad Meter (idea from Stargirl and what I used to do as a kid, keeping an area of rocks and moving them when things make me happy or sad). I did a bit of talking about Tin at one point and him being me as a boy.

Then we were walking and I look up when Sass makes a high-pitched surprised noise. Then I'm screaming at the top of my lungs and throwing my arms around Tin, then his girlfriend Emma. We had been hoping to meet up with him and he was coincidentally at the gardens, right there as we were walking, and both me AND Emma were visiting Sass and Tin this weekend! It was too perfect. For some reason my initial thought was, "Oh, thank Coincidence, Douglas Adams!" which amused me and Tin, when I expressed the point.

We went through the gardens and had a grand time. It reminded me that I prefer group situations to one-on-one often, because with group I can fall in and out of roles--one-on-one, lone wolf, crazy hippie dancing chick with singing headphones, centre of attention, etc. I try to be careful to offer my full attention with solitary situations unless I'm close enough with the person to be communally solitary--like with Snoops or my church friends, separately reading books and occasionally laughing together, stuff like that.

Eventually we split and went home. I wrote down another uke song to start practising and am getting the strum patterns. I'm really pleased to see my improvements. She's really becoming an extension of myself as I sit with her. She's my special little friend, Zamba.

Then we were off to Sass' friend Rachel's. Picked up her friend Rhi on the way. I got on right away. We sat around upstairs joking. Got along with Rhi very well; she writes as well. Rachel made us dinner, some sort of wonderful pasta with garlic bread. Nom. Then we watched Sixth Sense. Had forgotten how much I adored that film. Then we sat around sharing university and school stories. It was all very wonderful.

Now we're back at the house. I'm going to wake up at 9 and be a bit tired through tomorrow, but hopefully it'll be good and let me get some good sleep tomorrow night for travel again on Monday. I'm not sure what we're doing tomorrow.

Really nervous about starting up my work again. Sigh. It can be such a nervous bother. Makes me worry a lot.

I've got:
(1) Jubilee River Report (1500 words) - Started collecting research. [20th April]
(2) Soil Seedbank Report (2000 words) - Just data collected; very little touched. [21st April]
(3) Genes Practical B (online assessment) - That should be reasonable; revise and take. [End of first week summer term.]
(4) Genes Practical D (online assessment) - This will be hell; revise loads and take. [Same.]
(5) Humans and the Changing World Packet - This will be obnoxious to do. [20th April or so]
(6) General revision for exams coming up for summer term. [Various times.]

So it theoretically won't KILL me and I'm perfectly CAPABLE of it, I'm just as usual afraid of it.

On the bright side, I have loads of Janis Joplin music. And am learning many fun uke songs. I need to write a musical ode to my ukulele.
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Grey's Circle

Also, I'm back to 17 Seconds on Grey's. The episode I first watched, then skipped around some more.

So this will be my first full-watch through (one a night now) but it's like I've reached full circle now.

Only I'm happy. Because for the moment there's canon!Calzone and mindcrackfic!Addica. Which is all I ever really need.

And some time? I'm definitely going to write a parody song about Grey's. Somehow, I will. And then a song about teddy bears and tea-parties and crazy uni students who try to speak in posh Victorian accents like me and Jojo, because we're crazy cool like that.
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Nice trip with Sass and her Mum to an old museum-house-place nearby-ish.

Killer headache now. Not feeling so hot. Will be happy to have some down time at Malcolm's.

Shayak asked if I had a Rachel Carson icon. I didn't. Fixed that. There are Rachel (with a few Dorothy) icons over at kiwish_beat. Nothing wonderful, just quickies, but at least I've got one of my favourite pictures of her.
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 20:31 I do not have the courage to re-twitter Amanda Palmer asking how often her uke distracts her from life. Especially in 140 characters.
  • 21:09 OK, so I just heard Hahn's/BS's voice for the first time again on Grey's, and my stomach did summersaults. Honestly? ...seriously.
  • 21:30 How is it that one of the most stable characters in the show got introduced during the most off-the-wall, crazy, cracked-up episode? Weird.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!