April 2nd, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I know what feeling I'm having.

I'm having my "I Want to Be at Rowe" feeling. It's a bittersweet but beautiful feeling. It's comforting.

I spent some time this evening looking at the website and almost cried for joy and want, and all the other feelings fixed to my memories and hopes of Rowe.

It was comforting too. I looked at all the conferences and summer camps for adults. It feels...right, just wholly and completely right and comfortable and beloved-worn-shoes good. Rowe is in Western MA, which will always be close to my initial roots. It's been there since 1942 and will be there longer.

It comforts me to know that I have Rowe. If I were to fail out of university and feel like a failure right now, I would have Rowe. It's always possible to scrounge up enough cash to make it to Rowe and sit with myself, with other kindred in those beautiful peaceful amazing woods. That I always have Rowies around the world.

Even if I were to fail with these conventions of current-day society that I strive to complete and attain while endeavouring to remain myself and true to my heart...I would still have Rowe. And they would appreciate my endeavour for myself and heart. There are always hugs, tears, laughter and check-ins to be had at Rowe, senior high camp member or no.

My heart is warmed. I am comforted.

Reminds me of the corny poem I scrawled up on Wellman cabin my first year, '06. It's corny, but it fits.

"Lovers come and
lovers go;
Friends move about
to and fro.
Times are high
and times are low,
But through it all,
I'll have Rowe."

I remember putting lots of trees and a rainbow around it. Great big smile. Rowe graffiti, the loveliest form of encouraged rebellion there is.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:50 Awwr, Bobbi and Dave are off to Kripalu! Jealous! Some day in my life, I will totally make it there.
  • 20:35 Frakfrakfrak, frakfrakfrak. Think the ex wants to boink me when I'm home in June. I'm a tease. Frakfrakfrak, frakfrakfrak. Flying frick frak
  • 21:50 @snoopy874 Uhm, so you know New Year's snoggage? J's new fave time of the year is end of June "because you come back to the US." Geh?
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!