March 25th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:18 Laughter. Hilary's up at SUNY and mentioned being there with Kelley M. We got along sooo well in high school, oh yeah. Giggles.
  • 21:30 I have just realised that I received my first non-French kiss on 08 New Years, and I have never had a romantic non-French kiss. Depressing!
  • 21:41 I am scientifically researching kissing. I think herein lies my problem. Yes, I think so. Bad intellectual. BAD.
  • 00:43 Dear Addison: I love you. <3. Dear Meredith: Way to not mix up medicine and personal.
  • 13:13 I'm listening to the audio Duncan sent of me and Naomi's presentation. Giggle. I never end sentences! Always "and...and...and..."
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Time for an actual update!

I've been staying at my uncle in Chelmsford. For the first while it was all about staying in bed. OK, and for the second while.

But there was a time in-between!

First I'll mention, though, that one of my entries into a community (a NaNoWriMo one) was nominated to be in the collection of 10-year-anniversary entries, or something! So tonight I've got to print something out, sign it and email it to the lj-mods I've been keeping in touch with.

Yesterday I went into town. I walked for a bit, saw the teensy tinsy library near by and kept on walking. Got some cash. Took the bus into town (£3.80 for a day ticket, so that won't happen often). Shot through the centre of town, stayed on through to the end and came back with the help of a nice purple-haired woman. Got off at the centre.

Confused for a bit. Then saw two school-aged girls in the walkway looking very intimate. They looked friendly. I watched for a bit as they stood romantically close. Then they were kissing. I smiled and put my "I <3 LESBIANS" patch in front of my harder-to-spot Xena patch. When they crossed the road to me I flagged them down all lost and confused, made them laugh. They introduced themselves as Charlie and Yolly, me as Kiwi. They showed me to High Street and we exchanged contact info. It was so ideal it was ridiculous, and I am so happy to have had it happen. It's also funny that I met double the lesbians in one day in Chelmsford than I did in two terms at Reading. But I guess Essex is known for its good gays. They also knew of smiths2 which is the gay bar in the area.

I shopped for what I needed at Poundland, had a funny conversation with a Starbucks worker ("What would you get if you were a poor university student with a sweet tooth not desperate enough for McDonalds?"), settled for a mocha and sat around a bit. Decided not to go to smiths' 'cause I by that time had four bags--two shopping, one backpack and my murse. Took the bus home.

So the day turned out very successful and I spent a lot of the evening chatting with my new friends through text or Facebook.

Today I've watched Grey's, read, consumed Malcolm's epic salad, and started organising my work. I have a chart with my assessments due in after break with due dates and the like. Have gathered the stuff I will need for them. Will be starting up the pre-assessment work for each. 5-minute Grey's in between them. I seem to work well that way.

Things are good! Visiting Sarah next week. That should be entertaining.

Also new happy icons, especially because I love Sara Ramirez. Finally. About time. Spamalot! Madlip singing! Epic ally! Etc. etc.
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