March 11th, 2009

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Yaaay Uke and Work

Today was good. I woke up at half noon and showered, skipped lunch, went to mammals. Lecture was interesting. Some posters were skewed.

We went and marked posters. I finished first with the marking. Mine was up in the first group. I think it looks reasonable--I should hopefully get above a 60 on it, but I should definitely pass regardless, and it occured to me that it just...didn't matter. I mean, it did, but not in the vital way it normally would have. I sat there looking at it, and realised even from the moment I had finished it I had learned more I could to to make a good poster. Even just walking around the room looking at poster.

I was smiling because I was learning. And grades are just number representation of learning to be used as part of a written reputation. Or that's what they're supposed to be. And that's what I want them to be--and what I've always cared about is learning over reputation, so why should that change for grades? I was feeling very sensible. I will probably still panic from time to time (it's not my first time having those thoughts), but having that moment in when I normally would have been panicking was good.

Back home. Internet. Dinner. Went through entire inbox, like I've been trying to for a week. Played uke for a very long time and it was BEAUT. So good--it felt good, anyway. But I AM getting better. Easier flow between chords, more able to sing while playing, learning different strum types.

Wrote a new satire version of Amazing Grace so I can be more amused while having to spend so much time playing it because it's a good song to practice on from my book.

Also, I can learn Monty Python's Galaxy song on the uke. That makes my life.

Watched a film with Juju and Alishia. Signed up for a Hermione fest I'm wondering if I'll be able to do with schoolwork and revision. Wonder if I'll get an idea.

Back here, did work. Finished what I could of the Shoveler Duck presentation, made it look pretty, sent it off to group members to get the additional information. Feels good to be one of the people really doing things. Me and Jojo. No real shocker. Tomorrow have to do lots of work on Chobham Common and Scots Pine grou presentation with Naomi.

Sleepytimes now after a bit of reading. I <3 Zamba and callused fingers.
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:11 My ukulele "breaks" always end up lasting way too long. And now I've watched a film with mates. So finally opening up work at 2 a.m...
  • 22:36 Listening to the recording of one of my songs from when I was 15 and then 18 is hilarious. Also makes me want to get a head-recorder again.
  • 22:51 My stomach hungers for food as I have not eaten since half 5, which was 9 and some hours ago. I could nibble an apple with dark chocolate...
  • 23:19 Hearing Tammy's voice in the audibook comforts me. Reminds me of olden days and I smile. Hearing about Rosethorn, too. I can do this.
  • 01:26 Dear Kiwi: 5.30 a.m. is not the time to be inspired to sing and record music. Go to SLEEP. Then wake up. And work. Yeah, that.
  • 10:47 @createsunspots Strange thing is that it wasn't even lack of sleep. That's when I'm naturally awake. Probably why I'm prone to all-nighters.
  • 10:50 @moebiuscascade So jealous! Sadly really want lip piercing... @createsunspots Dodo face! Giggles. Reminds me of Fforde's books.
  • 10:51 I have now been awake for about two hours. Had lunch. Had a conversation. Got a new CD (so lovely!). Work soon, egads.
  • 14:52 @createsunspots I'm probably going to be like that for next week and the end of this week. Hoping not, but probably anyway.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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This is why I love Jennifer Beals:

"I'm always shocked that gay marriage is such a big deal. You have to realize how precious human life is, when there are tsunamis and mudslides, when there are armies and terrorists - at any moment, you could be gone, and potentially in the most brutal fashion. And then you have to realize that love is truly one of the most extraordinary things you can experience in your life. To begrudge someone else their love of another person because of gender seems to be absolutely absurd. It's based in fear, fear of the other, fear of what is not like you. But when you are able to see lives on a day-to-day basis, rather than reducing it to politics, then it humanizes a whole community of people that were otherwise invisible."