March 10th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Good gods I'm knackered.

Exploiters was good. Topic was wolves. Reminded me of my old furry days with Nigel and Evan; how Nig always wanted me to join in with the wolves and Evs wanted me staying with the felines. I just chuckle to remember the endless conversations.

Jojo and I got ditched by our partners who didn't do the work for the presentation. We went to the computer lab and worked on it, then she left. I went and talked to the ducks. As I was doing it and getting closer to the female mallard a girl came up and was taking pictures of me with the ducks. We didn't speak. I decided to carry bread with me for future duck greetings.

Back home. Internet waiting for everyone to return. Lunch. Nap waiting for George to arrive for her psychology microproject. Matt came in and gently woke me up. We watched comedy and Ellen DeGeneres until George was done with Juju, then Matt went in and I caught another few moments of sleep, then my turn. It was a reasonably fascinating little project.

We hung around. Ordered pizza in instead of dealing with Windsor food, because it was nice to have a guest and lovely things to talk about. Hearing Juju and Geo's stories about school was adorable. They seriously had quite a time.

We all went down to the bar for pool. I brought Aspen and watched the L Word. Cried at the beautiful TiBette scene, because that's the sort of stuff I watch the show for. And then it was close to ending and I was crying. Geo came and collected me 'cause we were going back upstairs. I knew I would be crying soon. I dipped off into my room, finished watching the credits (didn't like the let's-hold-Jenny's-hand-now) and I was a goner.

It hit me that it was done. So I thought of lots of lovely "zOMGz another childhood/connector to past thing done!" and thought about Snoopy and Toast and the times we had with the wider group. Quotage of the L Word. Our own little L Word life. Our wide (yet always so small-world in the end) Queer World. Reminded me of Big Gay Sketch Show and Prides and all these things I've loved so much that just aren't a part of my life anymore. I'm still trying to get into LGBTQ--it's just not the same as GSA, it isn't MEANT to be, it's not a "gay-straight" alliance. It's basically just for gay people to set up social scenes and get drunk a lot. Which is totally fine for them. I'm not entirely interested in that. So I thought about being the leader of the GSA, and Interweave's rainbow Sprite and raising money for Gay Pride and how many times I marched/had my pictures taken at various prides and pride dances through the years.

Can't believe I was watching that show from 13 to 19--so every year of my adolescence, pretty much.

I was just letting myself cry it out. Got most of it out and Sarah came it at the end off it and calmed me down. Brought me man-sized tissues. I talked a little bit, but didn't feel I had much to say. Went back to Juju's room with her and we hung with Matt, Juju and Geo with more stories. It's nice to see Juju with Geo.

Then we were all tired/wanted private time, so I came back to my room and Sarah read in here. She tuned Zamba/my uke. I gave her my Internet. I practised with Zamba. I'm actually getting pretty far. Learning some good chords and managing to get the harder ones down now.

a) Learn some different strum patterns.
b) Learn to play one string at a time like Juju.
c) Learn some of the beginner songs well enough to sing them with friends.
d) Learn to listen out/experiment with chords and play some actually covers to have fun with.
e) Be able to play music to my own songs. So be able to sorta WRITE uke music.

Regardless, I'm really happy with it. I've been listening to some uke music on youtube and the like.

Not enjoying the Internet so much lately. Or really at all. Sorry about that. Most of you probably won't hear from me much. I'll try soon to go through my inbox--I'm generally READING all of it, but don't have it in me to reply. So your words aren't falling on empty ears/eyes. Got work to do for this week and next week and need to figure out what's going on for spring break. Everything will work out. It always does.

I think it's nappy time though. Emotionally exhausting day makes me physically tired, which is excellent. Mammals at 2 p.m. tomorrow--lecture and posters, then home for work until Wednesday night, possibly.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:16 Frak you, L Word, for making me cry. And frak you, life, for making me watch this alone. But that's mainly just my choices, so frak ME.
  • 16:49 Six minutes left of my L Word life. And the tears are beginning again. Why did all of them have to reappear? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!
  • 16:59 I don't like uncontrollable sobbing and missingness and everyone holding hands with Jenny. The lot of this stinks.
  • 18:33 @createsunspots Awwwr, what'sup, you doin' relatively OK?
  • 18:46 @createsunspots I can understand that. I think one of the hardest things to do when only relatively OK is go to class.
  • 18:48 Miss the song Aubrey used to sing in a peaceful little cabin on a hill in the woods of a place of Love. Miss Rowe hippies and peeps like me.
  • 18:58 Can't remember the Rowe song lyrics and order. This saddens me. I would really like to sing it, especially as part of my pre-sleep routine.
  • 09:10 @snoopy874 That sounds toootally like what I did. Waterworks and laughter. Mess! @thinkingxbeing Yaaaay new bike trail!
  • 09:12 @zapthatmonster Pine needle in the nose? EGADS!
  • 09:12 I have to write a report tonight and tomorrow night. Music will help me through. And my ukulele Zamba, because she's Purple Love.
  • 14:23 @moebiuscascade Nose piercing! Win! I'm considering a lip piercing. Bought a cheap fake one online to test the theory for a while.
  • 14:26 Done with poster nonsense for now. Have to go through my inbox, ugh, and then I'm taking a uke break. Then work. Sigh.
  • 14:40 I love listening to Celtic Women. So very, very much. It makes me want to sing and dance and play instruments. And life is Happy.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!