March 6th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:25 I love how pre-shower I DETEST them, during I am elated & full of love for the world (and ideas for writing), and after I glare at clothes.
  • 18:08 I look like an evil monster dragged up from White Knights lake with this eerie green face-mask. Giggle. Or I would, if my face could move.
  • 18:10 Ohmigods these Pagan chants Caitlin gave me are absolutely amazing. <3<3<3. Dankuu dankuu!! Forever love!
  • 18:50 - It is bad news when instead of working on coursework for uni, I am competing with random people on the Intern ...
  • 19:05 Alright, I'm declaring it night-night ready time. Tomorrow is lecture of death if I choose to go. How do I go to lecture without Jojo?
  • 05:29 @myowncliche Oh oh oh, so glad that you have a break from work soon!
  • 05:32 @moebiuscascade Pshaw. A "sleep well" from one sleep-deprived uni student to another could never be misconstrued, even over Twitter.
  • 05:33 @moebiuscascade Never resist tweeting about the progress of an essay/coursework. It is a very comforting thing to do!
  • 05:37 @thinkingxbeing This week is going to be over very very soon, thank goodness.
  • 05:37 Finally sent in my margays poster. Bittersweet to see you go, my arboreal nocturnal cats of win. Bright(er) side: 24-comp lab is fantabs!
  • 12:45 'parently we're going in to London tomorrow 'cause Batgirl's never been. And Japanese food tonight followed by cinema. Geh, money! Uni! Egh!
  • 13:02 So, I laughed. Reminded me of Harry the Christian. Watch out Sar!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!