March 4th, 2009

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Something Done

Thank Goddess I have stopped bleeding.

Yesterday I got home from mammals, studied genetics with Sarah. Hate that my body's automatic reaction to frustration is tears (me and McSpleeny share crying at inopportune times) but I wiped them away and kept working through it until I understood.

Dinner-time break, then back to my room to study while everyone was playing videogames. Was fascinating to be teaching myself gene mapping on chromosomes while there was screaming of, "Don't you fucking kill me!" from down the corridor. I taught myself mapping and practiced on the practice test, which I did well on.

Took the real test and could have had full marks. What did I get wrong? The easiest question. Bacteria recombination: bacteria A doesn't require a substance to live and can't live with an antibiotic, bacteria B does need the substance and is fine in the antibiotic. When will bacteria B get the gene to not require the substance? Then a set of times in minutes with samples taken from the original and put into a medium none of the substance plus some of the antibiotic (so the bacteria A aren't around). If colonies show up between 14 and 16 minutes, that's when the gene to survive without the substance came through. Which was the case with the Blackboard question. And I knew that. But then I graphed it, and made the curve wrong, and put down 13 minutes without double-checking (triple-checked the others). So I was a bit peeved with myself for that, but at least I did well. Studied enough for it.

Couldn't deal with doing any more work after that so hung around in Juju's room with the others. When they left we were still awake and she decided I needed to see Hot Fuzz at some point; when I said I didn't have lectures today we decided to just watch it. Funny movie. Last night I didn't dream enough to remember my dreams. Yay.

The night before last I had dreams about: missing my Exploiters exam when Mum took us on a swamp field trip in America, and I was like, "Ohnoes! I won't get back 'til 2! I'm going to miss my exam! Can I email the professor and lie and say that my grandparents died and the time difference is bad, or something? Please?" and Mum shrugged and said sure. Then we were in our house with lots of people and there were zombies outside so we were like, well, frak, this stinks. And my brother was like, "Damn. Lots of my friends are probably dying." And I was like, "Yeah, and I missed my exam." Then I realised my priorities were out of whack and heard he Harry Potter quote in my head ("We could get killed...or worse, expelled!" "She really needs to sort out her priorities"). Then I briefly wondered if the Aggie and uni Reading had been zombified. We ended up in the attic and I took out my laptop to talk to other survivors, because there was a chatroom. Then I was randomly a 14-year-old blonde girl in a town high in the sky. A few others and I were on a baseball pitch on the outskirts of town. A creepy man in a trenchcoat with a general threatening feel came and gave us baseballs, and then harshly reminded us that we had to give them back at some point. I had a really good black-haired friend and we were romantically interested and trying out kissing. One of the boys hit a baseball over the fence. I ran out of the pitch to try to find it, but it had plummeted out into the air and out of the town, then far far down. None of the kids knew what was down there. I went onto one of the wooden bridges connecting our part of the town to another and was looking down. The trench-coated man came along and was menacing. I kissed my girlfriend, held her hand and jumped to avoid him. Pretty sure she followed. I fell for a very long time and then landed in a church or house of a town below us, with a nice lady there to care for us. Apparently the towns were stacked above each other in the sky, with great distances in-between. None of us had known that. I woke up around that time to terribly annoying construction.

(It was not a peaceful night sleep. During the zombie bought I kept waking up, less afraid and more annoyed, and would go back to sleep for the same dream. Same with the sky!town dream. Odd.)
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(no subject)

Honestly? I so do not need this.

I was looking at my To Do List after taking a shower thinking, "Huh, I should call Dell before I start my work." I was thinking it would be one of those quickie, "Oh, yeah, we've got to send a guy to you. Give us a free day and that's that." Hour tops.

No. Apparently my audio works fine hard-drive wise, but the Operating System isn't working. So my harddrive needs to be wiped and everything re-installed.

Which means copying my stuff over to Stu's external hard-drive. Now this would be FINE and NO PROBLEM if I hadn't already DELETED all the stuff from it because they said it was all fine! So now I'm RE-copying my stuff to his hard-drive so Dell guy can take control of my laptop again, clear it and reinstall. Then I will spend a good amount of time getting everything BACK onto my computer and re-installing the programs I really like, probably around 10, not a huge deal.

But still. This was supposed to be a work day. I was supposed to be finalising my mammals poster, looking up the Shoveler duck some, getting more sources and organising the Scots Pine presentation and getting sources for my Chobham Common report since those are all due within a few weeks. And then I was hoping to look through my Humans assessment and maybe get a head start on my Soil Seedbank report (probably not those two since they're not due in until after spring break) and then start hopefully going through Exploiters since we have an exam on SOMETHING week 10.

I'm stressed and nervous and worried and angry, and now I have to have my computer wiped and re-done. Frak.

I'm going to go chill and read a chapter of my book with my friends around, because I need that right now.
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:09 I am so glad I studied for that genetics assessment, and so glad it's frakking OVER for the moment. Breathing time, for the win!
  • 19:36 I'ma go watch "Hot Fuzz" with Juju 'cause we've got no lectures tomorrow! And work is gonna be a bust if I try. Tomorrow work!
  • 10:43 I'm on the phone with Dell. Sigh. Dealing with Dell is like dealing with Death, only worse 'cause it seems endless. Big corporation death!
  • 11:50 The Dell guy needs to wipe my harddrive and reinstall Operating System. Frak. You know what I don't need right now? This.
  • 12:49 Waiting on hold for Orange was worth it. Mobile phone registered now, can top-up online and the guy said I had a beautiful voice! Rock on!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!