March 2nd, 2009

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I can sleep now.

I've been trying to get stuff done.

Not completely successful, but reasonably.

And it turns out we're all stressed. It at least comforts me. It's even getting to Juliette. We all fear exams. I want to start talking to some second years.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 20:47 @thinkingxbeing Putting the "fist" in "pacifist" is not at all oxymoronic, then? Confusion on this end! Also, I miss you! We should Skype!
  • 09:36 I just got the most epic email from Mark that made me feel great. But it's soon time to work and that is not great.
  • 09:55 Writing "New Moon's" review was surprisingly comforting and emotionally expressive. Off the TDL, onto harder things.
  • 10:45 Life’s 10 greatest inventions: Multicellularity, eye, brain, language, photosynthesis, sex, death, parasitism, super-organisms, symbiosis.
  • 10:46 That's according to The Living Hell (...Cell). Laughing now. Seasons of Love!
  • 11:01 Pic from mammals lecture reminded me of the Smithies and their snow:
  • 11:04 I swear my Mammals professor just finds great pleasure in putting pictures of mating animals in his presentations. And a threesome? Raunchy.
  • 11:42 Way to go, Kiwi, saying, "I am not hungry enough to eat my vagina!" out loud while looking at a chocolate vagina lolly. Props to you.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Practical turned out brilliant. I had fun with Sue from old Plant Diversity, then with Mory (a woman who reminds me so VERY much of Maude from Harold & Maude, but quite a bit younger) and with the woman who works with nematodes. Everyone but me and two other people skived within 5 minutes, pretty much. I stayed to look at everything and talk.

By the end lovely nematode woman asked my name. When I said it was Kiwi she was delighted and wondered how it had come about. "Oh, it was a football nickname from half a decade ago that stuck around." She asked my course, why I had picked uni. Reading, if I'm enjoying it. I'm getting better with all those questions.

I heard humming and looked up to see that it was Mory. I smiled and complimented her humming. She made a sweet Cavanagh-esque joke about how everyone teases her for singing all the time, but she can't help it, she always slips right back into it. I empathized. It was all lovely and I skipped home smiling--Mark even caught me doing it.

Home for a parcel--the sleeping mask with Snoopy and Woodstock on it came. I get to use it tonight. Lunch. Upstairs for working and procrastination. Juliette, Matt and Alishia were an amoeba of their own. Dinner. Everyone tense. Upstairs. Batgirl told me Laura is quitting university before she even takes exams. Ah well... then they talked about the trio who were hanging out, and I made the mistake of bringing myself up and then I just felt trodden on.

Headache and tummy ache. Finished making my "additional reading list" for before exams. A bit screwed, but I'll manage somehow. Going to bed early and waking up earlier tomorrow, or at least that's the plan, then some work done before Mammals and poster. Nerves.

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