February 25th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Oh oh oh!

Today I got a parcel. From my WIFEY SNOOPY!

So I brought it along to Mammals and opened it with Jo. Expected the legwarmers, put them on. Loved the card because it's so us. Then was like, "WTF, lolly?" and I took it out and was like, "YAY CHOCOLATE!" and then thought, "What IS this? A flower?" and then looked closer and laughed. Then I was all, "Ohhh, it's kind of metaphorically a flower, kinda..." So yay, a vagina chocolate lolly from Vagina Monologues! I decided I wouldn't eat it, I would show it to everyone and put it on my altar. AND SHE GAVE ME A LITTLE BEAR STUFFIE THAT'S HOLDING A PILLOW THAT SAYS "PRINCESS"! I love love love it.

I'm going to sleep with it, and it's going to be the boyfriend of Rowebear because I've decided Rowebear is Queer with his lovely rainbow knitted necklace, and I think this little bear is a boy despite the Princess pillow and silver sequin crown and neck cuff. I think he's very happy to not be part of the binary gender system. I don't know what his name will be, though.

I've taken a shower now. I want to go to the LGBT coffee tomorrow. I need to not eat to procrastinate. I like being topless a lot. I haven't seen my friends much 'cause I've stayed in my room through these last few days.

I also got cards! The one from Kate (American from last term), Shaya (with a fabulous book mark now in "Sprinting Backwards to God") and Cavcreature. I snorked when I saw that she had put the Aggie's address as the return address. It's possible she thought that's the best place to return it, but it's equally possible she didn't want me to know her address like that, which would amuse me because I already have it from a card she sent over the summer one year. Still, it's cute with a big fat pug and it was supposed to be a Valentine's Card but she made it a birthday one too, silly woman. Laughter.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:33 Silly me finally remembered to check my regular post. Three letters/cards! Kate, Shaya and Cavcreature!
  • 22:35 @davegerlits What's going on with Interweave? =[.
  • 08:18 My eye is all itchy-like and I don't feel inspired to get out of bed, get ready and go to LGBT coffee hour. But I want to. Growl.
  • 08:48 Egh, I need to watch the L Word to get the full terribleness of it! Maybe if I get myself to go to the coffee hour I'll go to the library.
  • 12:45 I wonder where this deep-running sorrow is coming from. I'm not sure. It's a strange sensation.
  • 13:52 @createsunspots I'm doing better now. It was an odd patch. It didn't feel like my sadness alone, it was like...a worldly collection visiting
  • 14:16 Giggles. On Goodreads.com, I'm the only one to have rated and reviewed "Sprinting Backwards to God." But it was already on the site!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!