February 19th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

birds,de ja vu

i feel frakked for tomorrow's (today's) bird spot test.

10 seconds for the birds up on the screen. 30 birds, 15 common names and 15 scientific.

my achiever friends have been studying for more than a week. i've been studying for a few days. some people have given up. regardless, i feel so unprepared.

i know pretty much 38 common and scientific names solidly. we were told we should learn a few more than 30. i have a powerpoint i finished in this hour of 50 common birds and what they look like.

i'm hoping this will help. my nerves are killing me.

if this professor were just a nameless professor, i don't think i would mind so much. but he's my personal tutor and someone i respect so much.

if i look at it one way...yeah, i could have started this earlier, but i have tried REALLY HARD. yet i still don't feel it's enough and not enough for him. but it shouldn't be about him, should it? no.

this isn't even the stuff that's important in life. i don't stress the big stuff in life. i stress the small stuff. i get big-arse sweatstains over tiny little staircases, sometimes just a stair. i cry rivers over a stubbed to and smile in a melancholy manner over broken or paralysed legs.

i'm going to go back to studying and try to get some sleep. tomorrow i will be free for a little while. maybe i'll sleep. maybe i'll hang with my bro. that'll be nice.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 20:41 A powerpoint with 50 slides and 38 birds pretty much completely known common and scientific names, yet I still don't feel prepared.
  • 20:41 I want to curl up in a ball and not go to classes tomorrow. What is it about college that makes people want to curl up and avoid?
  • 03:00 @createsunspots I hope so. Once or twice more through the Powerpoint and then brekky and go. Soon enough it will be over!
  • 03:10 And I'm off for breakfast and lecture/spottest. Wondering if I need Wellies. Guess grabbing them anyway.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!