February 18th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:56 Why is Doreen ceaselessly screaming, "But you don't have a metabolism!" ...and now they're screaming and running. Perfect.
  • 19:19 I don't know why Gin Blossoms still remind me of Rosethorn and Lark. WTF? I thought I'd get over that in high school. RESIST FANFIC.
  • 19:58 @anyagee Yes, Twitter is an excellent thing to waste time with. And even better, as you're WRITING the lab report, complain about it here!
  • 19:59 @thinkingxbeing How did you set the toaster oven on fire? That's something I thought only I'd do in future life. Hugs.
  • 20:04 tinyurl.com/d7u3ad Someone needs to make that a lolburd.
  • 20:20 @createsunspots Haha, parent sexuality is fantabulous! But sometimes I think my mind is open enough that my brain WILL fall out...
  • 20:21 I need to get 21 birds Thursday to get a 70. 18 to get a 60. More than 18 would be killer. I can do this! Making my Powerpoint studyguide...
  • 20:41 Thought of card idea: Cavinator laughed at mice. Capture-mark-recapture -> anniversary joke. Doreen, shut UP! It's nearly 2 a.m.!
  • 14:15 @createsunspots She started smoking when you two broke up? Huh. I wouldn't have pictured her to do that. Ahwell.
  • 14:16 It's probably slightly sad that the main thought that will get me through my spot test of death tomorrow is Grey's that evening or Friday.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!