February 10th, 2009

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Sarah Story

Hmm. Yes. Laptop has not been crashing lately because of the external harddrive it's basically leaching off, which is good.

I mentioned Friday night. Friday was hard. I fell asleep a lot in Genes, I made it through practical barely with Spork harassing me about time the whole way (Jo couldn't make it in and thus couldn't be my partner), I sat in the back in Humans and like everyone else couldn't pay attention. I came home and concentrated on writing and reading. Sarah got really drunk. I was in Juliette's room writing, Juliette had the idea to put her to bed. We did. I had the urge to stay with Sarah and comfort her but denied it at J's insistence. S escaped and tumbled back, J put her back to bed with my help. I said that if S came out one more time, I was going to go in and sing her to sleep, that was that. J said, "No, in this case the next time you would put them to bed without speaking at all." I said, "That might work for you, but that's not my idea of parenting. My parents would never have done that to me unless they had tried with words and comfort first. I will sing to her and stay with her if she wants it." I was thinking, 'This isn't a child, Juliette, this is a frightened drunken-more-than-ever-before young adult.'

She came back nearly green reporting that she was sick. J hurried her to the loo. Rich (Juliette's boyfriend) and I went to S's room and cleaned up her sink, where she had been sick. We made her bed and set out her jammies. I went to the loo and ducked down near her, held her hair and rubbed her back, tried to keep her warm when she said she was shivering. When she requested water I asked if they'd grab water and a hoodie.

Water was brought, she kept cleaning her mouth with a bit more sicking. I stuck around and offered to get her into a hoodie. She was set on the idea of a hot shower. Juliette tried to deny it, saying she should go right back to bed. I straightened my spine and looked up at this girl 3 years older than me and disagreed with all I had, possibly one of the first times. I told her if Sarah wanted a hot shower, she should have a hot shower--feel clean and warm and safe, and I could understand not wanting to be in bed while still feeling sick. I'm the type who likes staying around near the bathroom while I don't feel good, and going back to my room/bed as more of a safe haven when I know I feel mostly better.

I helped her get to the shower and when she got to the stall she just said, "Oh whatever," and plopped down fully clothed in the shower. Everyone else looked around and at each other as I shot in and comforted her. No one knew what to do with two soaking, clothed girls in a shower. I didn't really care, Sarah didn't really care. I kept her from beating herself up over getting too drunk. Squeezed her when she admitted to missing Harry. Kept Juliette the royal frak off her, because no one needs a lecture about "getting that drunk again" while fully clothed in the frakking shower immediately following sicking one's brain out. Just no. Save it for the morning, at least. J at one point called security but they came and said just what I would have: she didn't drink comparatively THAT much, she just doesn't drink much; she sicked most of it up so she would be doing better; she was responsive and aware; someone should stay with her through the night. I offered. J kept trying to get me to get her out of the shower, and though a little guilt nagged at me for water use, I rolled my eyes at accommodation prices and dug my heels in. Whenever I asked Sarah she just really wanted, needed, to stay in the shower warm and comfortable and consoled. I stayed with her in the shower for two hours. Batgirl even came home.

Finally we got her out of her clothes in the shower, dried off and in jammies without anyone having to see. (I was heckled for being The Lesbian in a shower with a girl--an old squish--then girl in her underthings and then a naked girl, and it hurt a bit but I was just super sensitive, so I let it go.) She was more responsive. Enough to make fun of J. We got her back to her room with a heating pad and sitting with a big pile of blankets. I brought my pillow and Rowe Bear for her. Then my duvet. Then some hats. Finally brought my last pillow and my shawl and set down in Harry's chair to stay with her through the night. The others stayed in the room a bit but then drifted off while she was mumbling about feeling sick.

Some time at night she moved around, pushed off my duvet and lay properly in bed. I took my duvet and pillow and moved to the floor. She woke at some point in the morning and we had a conversation; she was feeling a lot better. She went to sleep again in Harry's chair. At noon she decided to get up so I went back to my room. That was the Sarah Saga, for which she is now slightly famous.

Everyone thinks I've had this Terribly Rocky past for being able to deal with a drunk person. It surprised me some. I didn't see it as Dealing with a Drunk, just as working compassionately with a person in need. Sarah was glad we were all there.

Saturday and Sunday were also busts for getting things done and sleeping.

Last night I slept on the floor with my room freezing cold from the window being open to dry my wet washing that was everywhere. I then didn't go to lecture, had Jo take extra good notes for me, to wait for the Dell guy. I got a call at 11 canceling until the next and thought, oh, great, now I'm screwed if they try to come between 2 and 6 because I have a lecture and practical. I got another call for "confirmation" but it didn't really do anything. I stayed in my corridor right outside my door with my duvet and sleeping things all the way until dinner, reading fanfic with occasional outbursts and once in a while tears. Near dinner I got a third call from Dell (they barely let it ring) and the message that they didn't have the part I wanted and so WOULDN'T be coming tomorrow, they'd call me when they had it.

Why they couldn't have told me that the FIRST TWO times they called, I don't know. I got angry and frustrated and sad all at the same time, so Sarah comforted me a bit but wasn't really sure what to do. (Most people aren't.)

Dinner was alright. Checked in with Batgirl when she finally got home. More time with Pirate, they're still talking things through or whatever. Juliette's room for Scream and American Werewolf in London. I finished The Children's Hour. Taught Juliette about Koolaid, which she really likes. She told me I should have my Mum bring fruit rollups because people here love them. I came back to my room and finished watching the L Word I had started.

Most of my washing, all but like four things, is dry. No sheets yet but at least I've got my duvet on my bed and I'm sleeping in a proper bed, and I got to close the window up almost completely. That's good news.

Tomorrow I have Mammals at 2 and practical after. Hopefully it will only last until 4. Tomorrow night I want to get a lot done on my Beeches report, if not bring it out into a semi- or complete-all-nighter to get it done so I don't have to worry about it Busy Thursday and I can just pass it in. We'll see what happens.

I'm not actually down right now. A bit peeved.

My family is coming to visit me. I'll see them in about a week. It'll be nice, and I would be even more excited if everything else were going better. I'm happy.

It's just a bit weird. I've been planning, expecting, adjusting my mind/heart/whatever for my First Birthday Away. I was going to be turning 19 without my family, and I got myself to actually be excited. Sarah and I, with a few others, were planning to go into London or something. Have some fun. Last year turning 18 my birthday was very friend-oriented, it was my dive into the pool. This year I was going to submerge and explore the underwaters of birthdays away from home. It's just a big change to adjust again to another plan. Not that it's not a wonderful birthday present to have my family! It's just not what I had expected/planned for. It's a big change to me. I'm wondering how it's going to work out. My mind, after working so hard through the last year and especially through the last month, can't adjust to the idea of suddenly having my family here. It runs through disappointment at lack of freedom and new experiences to high excitement to have my family around for turning 19. Strange creature, the Mind...

I should go off to bed now though. I've put a lot into my livejournal already. Should go to sleep by 4, so written journal and sleepy time. Sad.
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:55 @thinkingxbeing Whoa whoa whoa! Where! Email me all about it!
  • 16:56 @circusrunaway A 98+ being an A is stupid. You were totally jipped! I'm sorry, that stinks.
  • 19:47 @snoopy874 What Jenny?
  • 20:02 @snoopy874 Oh haha I still need to finish watching the episode. People put on Scream and American Werewolf in London, distractions!
  • 20:10 @snoopy874 Oh, no, haha, you know me: I never watch anything for the plot, just the details! Gotta see what everyone says and HELENA!
  • 20:58 Poor Helena. Blind dates with no say. Yeah, tough! She's so cute flustered! More Jenny hatred over a CLOSET. And not symbolic.
  • 21:09 Bette is STUNNING. No funky hair or outfits either! Thank you, Shane, for not throwing Carmen away. REALLY ATTRACTIVE NEW GIRL!
  • 21:10 I interrupt this commentary for an announcement: SNOW, again?! Seriously? Haha. Whatever, I guess. It'll be a bit nippy noodles!
  • 21:12 OMG NEW GIRL PLEASE GET WITH HELENA AND DON'T MESS WITH ALICE! Seeing Alice and Tash, you and Helena, Bette and Tina...would implode.
  • 21:21 Yeahno, level of hotness unfortunately does not bring characters together. But it was still cute anyway! If Jenny pulled Office on me...
  • 21:24 Yeah, if she did that I'd kill her. My room =/= not cool changing without permission! zOMG, newgirl Tash and Alice in same room? So cute!
  • 21:35 WTF Tom? Currently dead to me. Weird L Word episode, so weird. And now it's pretty much sleepy time.
  • 23:14 This is the first time I've let my boobs out of harsh solitary like all weekend. They are not liking me for that, but enjoying the world.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!