February 9th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 20:24 Geh death. Report due Friday, lecture tomorrow, laptop to be fixed, wet washing everywhere, too much to do always...stressness not fun.
  • 08:29 "I'm strange, you'll get used to it" is probably the truest statement I have ever uttered. And to New Boy Spud, too.
  • 08:30 Also, I am camped out in the corridor next to my door with my pillows, duvet and laptop. In dressing gown reading Grey femmeslash. Win life.
  • 08:33 Considering finishing my Callica crackfic including duct tape and being taped to the ceiling... Maniacal laughter.
  • 08:44 This author writes Erica SO PERFECTLY it kind of drives me batty. Scratch 'kind of.' I'm reading fic in my robe in the corridor. Batty now.
  • 09:02 Becky now thinks I am the strangest person she has ever met. Great. I keep saying, I'm just the cat of the sixth floor! I lounge anywhere...
  • 09:39 "Yes, but when sushi stuck to floor, it not called sushi, it called rice. Yuck rice stuck to floor." I love sitting in the corridor.
  • 09:45 I am now licking one of my rainbow lollies. Sat in the corridor in a robe, with a big rainbow lolly reading about fictional lesbians. I win.
  • 10:24 Think my problem, essentially, is that I actually LIKE close-to-deadling all-nighters. That has to be SOME sort of skill for the work world?
  • 14:04 @snoopy874 That's a beautiful plant! Wicked epic your Hebrew teacher gave you them! Can you give it a name?!
  • 14:06 Also: WARNING. I am now watching the newest episode of the L Word! Please turn away if you don't wish to be spoiled!
  • 14:09 JENNY I HATE YOU. Max is a MAN, no wonder he doesn't like his CURVES discussed! Fraktart. With ya, Max, hate her too. EW BETTE HAIR! WTF?!
  • 14:10 @snoopy874 What time do you have dinner? 'cause maybe we could watch it together on Skype, if it's not WICKED far from now.
  • 14:11 @snoopy874 You should get on Skype! I can only use the chat feature now anyway, but I'd love to chat a bit and plan!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!