February 8th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Everything is copied.

Not a productive weekend.

Friday night caring for a sick drunken Sarah, continued into Saturday, when I caught up on sleep and didn't feel able to do anything.

Saturday night tried to go to sleep early. Drunken boys came in loud loud loud and the fire alarm was set off--angry Kiwi out into the cold at nearly three in the morning.

With my long time to fall asleep, then slept until 2. Washing all day. Dryer didn't dry but didn't have enough money to run things again. Every surface and crevice of my room (including hung over the side of the rubbish bin) being used to dry my washing. Will probably be sleeping on the floor, if I can find some floor on which to sleep. AKA in front of the door. With window open brr.

Writing fanfic through a lot of the weekend (handwritten, it's gone back to being nice, probably because I'm used to journaling) and some reading. Never headed to the computer lab. Hopefully tomorrow evening I will have a regular working laptop. That would be nice.

Although, to be honest, it has been nice in some ways to be without it. Easier mornings.

Major pro: Fewer temptations.
Major con: Little contact.

Looks as though a little moderation is in order for when I have her up and running again!

Might not go to lecture tomorrow. It's just exploiters. They don't build on each other. Batgirl has missed loads. It's all on Blackboard. I need the sleep, I'll need to clean up my washing for when Dell guy gets here, I need to be able to answer a mobile phone... I'll make the decision tomorrow.