February 6th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 09:43 Gods help me, I REALLY love Callzone. Someone kill me, please, I love Arizona. I'm sorry Hahn! I love you both!
  • 12:51 @thinkingxbeing I think it's epic that you can do proper work in the library. I fail. Or maybe that's just 'cause it's Friday, Hell Day.
  • 12:51 I made it through Friday. I'm impressed and happy. Time to head on home! I'll hit dinner this time, win win win!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today. It was Friday. Hell day.

I skipped shower to snooze. Made it into Genes and Chromosomes. Was bad and fell asleep a few times. My sleep is rubish, I need to work on that. Friday morning lectures stink. Then practical. Jo wasn't there so I partnered with Piotr, only he wanted to do it quickly so he could go home and get stuff done, so I felt pressured and annoyed. I couldn't get centered and just kept taking everything personally and got panicked about work. It wasn't nice. Then I ranted to Emma about it, which only made me feel worse.

On the way to the library my mind started tryign to toil again, and I lightly brushed over it and spontaneously started laughing. The whole idea that I had started up a whole story about it with all my negative energies and perpetuated it on to any willing ear, to validate my feelings of frustration and hear that other people would have felt frustrated too...it just made me laugh and laugh.

Ate lunch, came upstairs. Did stuff. Watched the new Grey's Anatomy episode! It loads faster her. Also, aaaawwr, I really do love Arizona. I think in some ways she's even better for Callie than Hahn, although as far as characters go my love for Hahn is hard to surpass. I always loved Hahn more than Callie--to be honest, I was never that huge on Callie to begin with, although that grew through time. Hahn was where it was at as she struggled to discover who she was and communicate. I think she either deserved, in her eyes, someone "better than" Callie integrity-wise and otherwise, or would have to develop more patience and a longer time scale. In the end I thought they were both great (even with their own separate problems) but that they weren't really meant to be, despite the excellent chemistry as friends. I would have loved Hahn to stick around, but with her character and what had happened in the hospital, I don't think it would have been plausible for her to stay (although I think she would have remained a while longer to leave properly, make her stand, etc.). Callie has now grown on me again andn I think that, from what I've seen thus far, Arizona is actually more fitting for her. Patient (she works with kids!), already knows whos he is (even without the spoilers, just from the way she spoke with Alex about girlfriends my gaydar was going off on the character), is silly (heelies in a hospital?! win) and has chemistry with Callie.

So yeah, while I miss Callica (Callie/Erica) because I loved Erica Hahn and their relationship, I can also see Calzone (Callie/Arizona) really growing on me if it's done right. So please, Grey's, do it right!

But yeah. I felt centered and grounded when I left the library. I was dancing around, smiling and singing as I walked.

I sat at the back of Humans and the Changing World today to see what it's like to sit back and center. I knew I wouldn't be able to pay attention without Jo there, anyway, not that any of us can pay attention in that lecture. It is so boring and he just says the same things over and over, then says it's not really important to remember. I wrote another stanza for my birthday song to Cavcreature (we'll see if I can finish it and set a uke tune to the melody and actually DO something with it...) and started a Calzone Arizona-centered fanfic based on one of the lines in the episode.

Now back here, didn't get much done but checking through 'net stuff, and I'm off back to Windsor for tea time. First tea in a while. Weekend! I have to get some work done.