February 5th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So I woke up today and was knackered because I was awake at half six for some reason. My sleep hasn't been restful and I woke up with a headache. Egh.

Jo couldn't make it in 'cause of the commute. My ecology practical was cancelled! So we'll have to use the free time in week 10. Oh well.

Mark was a sweetie and checked in on me in an email and after lecture. I told him I'm fine with a bit of pain and I am a New Englander, after all. Finished the chapter in A New Earth, which is fantastic. Came here and got some stuff done.

- Uploaded bank info.
- Sent out some emails.
- Printed bird parts.
- Made a list of common birds to learn.
- Sourced my margay poster.
- Outlined my Burnham Beeches report and found some sources.
- Some other stuff.

Tonight episode 14 of Grey's Anatomy runs. I wanna watch eeeet.

Off to Environment in Practice I. We've got the second session with the soil seedbank project. Hopefully it won't last until 6. Maybe I'll be able to stop back here before I go home, but I don't want to miss dinner a third night in a row after having a lunch of four crisp packets. (That's what I
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:25 @snoopy874 You take botany and horticulture to new levels. Congrats to you and your phallic representation of succulent plants. Woody!
  • 16:27 @snoopy874 Why does poetry make you want to die? Poetry is love!
  • 16:29 We're all in Juliette's room with people playing Guitar Hero. I've stolen J's laptop. Then back to reading A New Earth!
  • 06:56 The library is an epic place to be. One and a half hours until I have to leave, though. Cancelled practicals rock. Soil seedbank project not
  • 07:20 I got loads of sources for my margay mammal poster. Some overlap and some I'll have to search the library for, but at least I have sources!
  • 07:40 Win! Printed out bird parts, started a list of common birds to learn, uploaded bank info. to Reading. Want to keep winninggg!
  • 08:06 OMG, Spice World and Doctor Who used Burnham Beeches for filming. Epic win! I giggle so hardcore. Finding sources for this report is funny!
  • 08:07 The Princess Bride and Harry Potter 5, too! With pollarded beeches and oaks, holy crow, this place is nirvana in English form!
  • 08:24 Have to go soon, blech. Like Emma said, this is gonna be hard for finding sources. Oh well. I'll figure it out.
  • 11:56 I sieved through mud with a painbrush today. That was pretty fascinating, not gonna lie. Back at the library before tea!
  • 12:10 Shane: "I don't know what to say." Jenny: "I'm happy we fucked." Know what's frakked? THIS SHOW! Luls @ L Word.
  • 12:13 Uhm I kinda hate Jenny in all relationships, no matter with whom. She gets so cutsey-gag-annoying. Seriously. I'd pull out the beechslap!
  • 12:15 Also, WTF is with Alice's dress? Did she wrap herself in a curtain and forget to cut it to fit her curves? And the same varnish as Jenny?
  • 12:17 zOMGz though! That was one of the best scenes ever! Helena off treadmill, Tina's face, Tasha's chuckle, Bette's laughter, Kit's WTFery, win!
  • 12:24 Helena, you're so right. Jenny has never had boundaries. Helena and Alice are adorable. I hate you Jenny. And your sleeves Bette. And Jodi.
  • 12:29 I love that Alice's phone QUACKS. Symbolic much? JENNY F U SO HARDCORE, hating on the Alice!! Love for the Tines and "fucking kill Jenny."
  • 12:38 No one's gonna see the movie. R U SAYIN NO 1S GONNA C DA MOVIE?!? Dumbum! Jen, you AREN'T professional. Shane actually annoys me.
  • 12:41 Phyllis, hating on you too. You don't deserve Joyce. Piffle! JODI IS A BEECHFACE! Awkward sex scene in a library. Bad Kiwi. CLICKING SOUNDS!
  • 12:48 Wooo fake women on TV! Kiwi deathglare. Alice winnage! I wish reality let us cut from awkard scenes in life. Bette, I love and adore you.
  • 12:52 Not the Traditional Lesbian Crush on the Closet Door Opener! Augh Phyllis, DIE. Bette's laughter is fab. Jazz hands! Lovely pull out B! WTF!
  • 13:04 Helena is lush, fer rlz. Ditto Tasha. Cute guestbian! I love Bette!laughter so much. "Something in my throat"? Lulz Bette!
  • 13:07 Oh, thur b a secund flur? Lulz @ Alice! The laughter scene, and Helena and Bette, and zOMGz. Laughed so hard with them. Fave ep?! Lulz.
  • 13:08 Yeah, pardon all the L Word updates. I had to. I don't have anyone to watch it with! Have to watch it with the 'net. Almost time for tea.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I was a good and bad girl again.

Enviro only lasted 2 hours. We sieved through mud to get the soil seedbank. Sieved with a paint brush. Grins.

I came to the library. Worked through dinner again. Well, not technical worked.

- IMed a bit.
- Watched L Word ep. 3 (which was actually on my TDL) and laughed SO HARD.
- Edited chapter one of one of my novels. Need to draw a picture of it now.
- Replied to all emails and caught up.
- Sent out emails I've been meaning to send out forever: Attiya, Watsonii, Duffie, Sherri, Mrs. Curtin. Drats, forgot Pam! Oh well. I have one written up in handwriting that I can type up later.

Attiya even replied right away and it's soooo sweet! Love her.

Now I'm going to go back home and let myself work and read a bit. Eat some crisps. Hang with the gang. The lot.
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