February 4th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Stuff Done

I was actually really good today!

I woke up and read erotica in bed (giggles). It's seriously some of the funniest stuff around. Showered and gave my face a rest from acne treatments, just some moisturizer. Went down to lunch and hung with friends. Collected two parcels. One was the ear cuff (put it right on and LOVE IT), another a V-Day parcel from Memere. I loved that too. Amazing Spring ring, some chocolate and angel sparkles, a bracelette I gave to Batgirl because she loved it.

We ended up going into town. I bought what I needed and some food at Poundlot. Dropped my letter off at the library. Had lots of fun walking around.

Came home and called Dell. Got things sorted and an engineer will be coming on Monday to fix the laptop. Since it's a motherboard problem, I'll lose all the data. That really crushed me but then Stu told me he'll bring over his external harddrive, he's only using it for music, and I can use that. Win!

Hoovered and cleaned my room. Skipped tea, but that's fine. Went downstairs for pool. Reading A New Earth and it's really good. Nibbled on chocolate form Memere after sharing.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Egads! But I'm in today. Smiles. Guitar Hero!

Oh! I also emailed Mrs. Osborne because it's her birthday. And Mrs. Steele about Grey's Anatomy.
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