February 3rd, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 12:12 @snoopy874 Carbon Leaf Carbon Leaf Carbon Leaaaaaf!! <3. Whoever mentioned that rocks, by the way!
  • 12:14 Always things to do. Library time rocks. Cancelled practicals are epic. Writing is great fun. Forgetting To Do List is bad!
  • 13:35 @snoopy874 I failed at working, but I got stuff done that had little to do with my actual school work... sigh.
  • 13:36 LIVEJOURNAL ISN'T WORKING! Head explodes. This cannot happen. It should never be allowed. I also need to go home and eeeaaat...
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Frozen Mice

Yeseterday I read Bad Girls and Matilda.

Matilda was amazing. It felt very connected to my life. And in the book it says that Miss Honey was certified to be a teacher at a Teaching college in Reading! Giggles. So I was sitting in uni. of Reading, in Reading, reading about Reading and reading. Smiles.

Juliette got very drunk. Sarah got giggly. Batgirl found out Pirate cheated on her over New Year's and dumped him, got angry and drew. We watched and played Guitar Hero. I danced and sang and cleaned and organised. We hung around the corridor and bar.

I went to bed at a decent time after starting a new book.

Woke up, spent a long and glorious time in bed and getting ready, went to lecture. Felt terrible for Batgirl. It was about mammal groups, with a focus on promiscuity. That would stink for her. I didn't like how the professor used crude language for everything and tried to be cool. I want to learn, not be friends. Make me respect you by being a good lecturer, not using the language you hear from your students in the halls.

My practical was cancelled! The snow would have frozen the mice or something, apparently. So I came to the library and I've been here. Wrote a few word-of-the-day Callica drabbles. Checked in with people. I'll probably go home for half five, six, or half six. Will be getting some stuff done as well.

Glad to be on the way to fixing my laptop thanks to my parentals! Grrr, I hate big corporations sometimes. Dell can be brilliant or annoying.

It's bad not getting my telley fix. Normally I'd have L Word ep. 3 by now, and some House and Sugar Rush. But I'm not doing that at the library currently. Have other things to be doing despite having forgotten to bring my To Do List. I wouldn't have time to download L Word onto my memory stick, anyway. Ah well. I'll live!
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