February 1st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Finally get to make a post. Not that much has gone on.

It was annoying to have a set of days in which I realised just how amazing it was to have a laptop and how much I loved it...and then have it start crashing the next day.

It's still doing the crashing thing. I'm at the library waiting for IT Services to open in five minutes so I can see where to take my laptop. I don't know if something's come loose in the hardware or if it's a software thing or whatever.

Once it's all fixed up, I'm going to have Pirate and Tin put on the things that they use for protectiong--free legal programs, because once again Kaspersky is unregistered and it didn't seem to do much to begin with. Pirate and Tin both use the same programs and are computer guys and used the programs before meeting one another, so I think that's a good sign. I'll go for that.

I wish I had time to talk to Digital Dave down at the JCR bar and get the rest of my stuff on an external harddrive. I really want one of those at some point. I have enough writing and pictures to have it be worth it. Right now I've got my writing and documents on my memory stick, but if my computer has to be wiped I'll lose the pictures and music I have. I'm not sure I even have the stuff back home. I think I erased them off the shared folder of Da's computer when I was done copying it. So I'd have to start over with the music, which is a pain, and most of the pictures from high school would be gone forever...

Yeah, I'm dumb sometimes. Hopefully it won't be wiped and I'll have a second chance to not be an idiot and find some way to have a backup of my stuff. Geh. I'm dumb.

I don't know where my friends went. They came with me to the library. Two stayed downstairs and Sarah went off to find the fiction section.

So if I take a while to get back to comments or emails or anything, we know why--I have no computer in my room. I'll have to come to the library. (Which stinks 'cause I've got work to do!)

I also really like my icon.