January 30th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Adventure Day

Nothing too epic today.

Have heard House references up the wazoo. Glad I started watching the other day so I get them more. Never had these comments when I had a cane before, in the pre-House era when canes Weren't Cool. But now they're Super Cool, and I have to be Super Sarcastic, and if I'm sarcastic enough no one minds that I'm not popping vicadin. I'm popping chocolate and crisps and chicken, 'cause that's the kind of girl I am. A crispie choco chikie.

Friends have jokingly learned to fear The Cane. If I am displeased, or happy, or impatient, or confused, it moves... Keep me contemplative and it may--MAY--not. Jo got whacked and love-tapped. She smiled.

We watched birds. I watched an adorable human bird named Becky. Admin. had my field notebook, Mark brought it in and held it up, said, "Whose is this?" My head popped up from my break-time nappage so I could call out gleefully, "Mine!" He chuckled. "Should have known," he retorted before, "go on, pass it back..."

Ate lunch with Jo. Bustime joking with Jo, Prof. Duncan and CJ. Jo and CJ are probably two of the least appropriate people I know. I love it. We walked around Burnham Beeches together.

Jo said, "We're like Kiwi's minions." They pointed out that yeah, they are, because they walk on either side of me and help me out and are minion-like. I smiled, somewhat sad but more joyous. I remember "Kiwi's minions" being used as a phrase before for a Kiwi long ago with a cane, an attitude a mile high and a healthy sense of sarcasm. Two close friends. A close-knit group of people no one thought would get along altogether, yet somehow no one was truly surprised. The Nic-Dana-Lindsay / Kiwi-Makuchan-Kleppy triangle. Minions. But I smiled wider, because I'm in university on field trips exploring ecology across the world, and my minions rock. Hard core rockrollin'.

Prof. Duncan gave me an extra walking cane. Home for dinner, few chatting bites with friends, up to my room. Made a design for my margay poster, organised what my field notebook will look like, wrote everything I need to do down on post-its and put them up all over my selves and room. Lots of pink post-its everywhere. Incentive to start getting them down by doing them.

Tired. Long day tomorrow. Library time with Jo. I'm excited. We're a couple of oddlings, the two of us.

Jo: "You have a coot butt."
Kiwi: "I a grebe, you have a coot butt."
Pip made jokes about my being a Little Spotted Kiwi. She was too far away and through the muck for me to tap. I laughed full out and Kwehed.

I feel good. It's night night time.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

V for...vibration

Jo and I talk about vibrators and sex a lot.

When she mentioned my small present as, "most people would think it was boring, but not you..." I jested, "So it's not a vibrator then?" and she laughed and said no.

Then we and CJ were talking, and suddenly they've agreed to split the cost and buy me the iPod egg vibrator together.

I just exploded love everywhere 'round the beeches. 'cause my floor mates? They're crazy, yes. But I'm so happy to know my fellow ecology majors. They're crazy Kiwi style. Kiwi crazy. Epic amazing, crazy-in-so-many-ways-but-wonderful-anyway crazy. And I love them. We fit.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:20 I have the best friends in the world.
  • 06:55 In the library looking up sex toys with Jo and Pip, who is drawing birds. "I'm drawing tits...you're looking at them." Sex is funny.
  • 06:55 "Look! It's a diagram of a protein molecule!" Yes, Pip, that's exactly what it is. A very fun, pleasing protein.
  • 07:03 Wow these are creative. I giggle. Library time is great fun with the right type of people. However, our lecture will be far less riveting.
  • 15:29 Hating on Aspen right now. Don't know if Firefox or powerplug causing her to shut down randomly. Now on batts she's not. But she reverted.
  • 15:30 Now I need to get my hands on Quicktime, Kaspersky code and Microsoft Office again. I hate this sometimes. Computers can be evil. Behave!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!