January 28th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Mammalian Win

Mammals was surprisingly good today. We were talking about what all mammals really live for, one vocab word/piece of terminology, and I was the one to get fitness. Big lecture too. And I knew all the other questions he asked but didn't give those ones, waited for the others to shout out.

Then at the end he had a controversial article up about wealthy men giving women more orgasms. Jo and I immediately turned to each other and said, "Fakers." We laughed. He was asking why it might be. In the end Jo called out, "They're faking for the money!" He asked who had said it and I pointed to the two of us and said, "Us!" He questioned why we thought that, in a voice expressing slight disagreement. Jo tried to get something out but it didn't work well. I chuckled and said, "Stroke the male ego!" He laughed and his disagreement aura seemed to disperse, so he grinned and said, "Valid point, valid point." He had, after all, just discussed how a female will sometimes mate with another male to confuse him out of infanticide. Not SO far off--females confuse males! I seem to do well with the concepts in that class.

Jo and I had a great note going as well that moved from how our professor couldn't get laid to my having a harem of lesbian girls and caged manslaves for breeding purposes.

Went to Carrington and got some stuff sorted at the Disability office and stuff. Have to go to the HealthServices place near Pirate's house.

I finally made a crocus icon. Just took a picture of a crocus growing out of the snow (what they're known for) off Gettyimages, messed around with some of the effects, and smacked a border on it. I quite like it. Wanted a fitting default picture.

Got peeved at dinner, then came up and allowed myself to be miffed and finish reading my journal, then actually got some stuff done. Juliette came in to collect me but I wanted to finish organising schedules and assignments and all.

Dramz with Alisha and Stu--he seems to want her against us. Silly boy. Went off to Juliette's at last, watch telley with her and Rich. She fed me crisps and stuff for not eating dinner. Invited me to Tescos tomorrow for some cheap snack collection.

Good day. No classes tomorrow. Very nice.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:27 @moebiuscascade I get miffed at people being passive-aggressive and not communicating, then at me for not communicating in return. I suck.
  • 16:28 Also, I hate when I make nice hot tea and go to let it cool, then forget about it for hours until it's frigid. Drats on that.
  • 17:36 Win. I'm actually going through Blackboard and organising now. A bit late three weeks in Kiwi? Chyeah, but good on you for getting there.
  • 10:25 Malcolm's cane came today but it's a bit too short now. We went to Tesco's. Bought tape, crisps, a drink, cheap chocolate (moontime) win!
  • 10:26 I'm also missing snow days back home right now. No snow here. Probably good for the hip, a bit bad for the heart. Love New England winters!
  • 11:28 Worcester Sauce crisps are the besssst. Well, after Prawn Cocktail. Also, I'm considering opening up my first House episode...
  • 13:33 @snoopy874 I think it's both of them. Brellas in the snow? Seriously? That's really strange and giggle-worthy.
  • 15:43 @thinkingxbeing Flight of the Conchorrrrrds. They're worth it. I've done something drastic during my day and so am sheltered in my room.
  • 15:49 The fact that I once again locked myself in my room with Evanescence is a bad sign, I think. But the album is over now, so that's good...
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!