January 26th, 2009

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Frak, man.

So I woke up at 11-something and went online. And Mary knocked on my door, so I went over and chatted with her and Hayley and a friend. Then lunch with Batgirl and Becky. Upstairs. Hips sore from the weather, didn't go to the house viewing. Stayed seated.

They came back, raved about how perfect it was. And way cheaper. And we got the feeling Alisha didn't want in, so we told Jack (Harry's brother) there might be a spot open. And we confirmed we'd want to talk about a contract. And then there was loads of drama with Alisha and she came in and tried to guilt everyone and instead it just made me angry.

So Alisha DOES want to house from us. And she feels Disconnected. Despite that she spends all her time with her boyfriend, Matt, or her work; hardly ever here. And she doesn't talk with us at all. She doesn't communicate any of the stuff she's feeling/going through, and then blames us for not knowing. And we invite her everywhere. So I thought, "Pfft, if you claim you're so adult you should know how to communicate things before they get to the very last exploding point, and without shooting to make people feel guilty, and without then lying and saying no no no everything's OK when it clearly isn't but you won't say the actual truth." So that was that, and the guilt trip didn't work very well on me.

And I swear if she doesn't learn to open up we're all going to have a problem. Either don't communicate but DON'T have any problems that would need communicating, or have problems and bring them up in a mature and adult manner, in good time and in a way that's shooting for resolution rather than increased unruly feelings all around. It's not THAT difficult.

The rest of the day was spent alright. Pizza, went through emails, was stupid and finally got to watch an episode of Grey's, down at the bar, cried in the bar when talking with Mum about accommodation and the thought of not housing with my friends, bla bla bla. Zoë was helpful. And now her grandfather is dead, and my heart is crying.

Tomorrow I have lecture at 9. Then go into town for bank for deposit money and central library hopefully. Home again in the afternoon. Still lots of stuff to do. I stink. The end.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:48 @thinkingxbeing I need to start doing my reading and all that. Although I never have anything actually assigned. College is straaange! Love
  • 19:42 I love discussing my anatomy with my bestie as I go about my bedtime routine with face and teeth and jammies and such.
  • 20:09 Before the loo was "fixed" we were fine, now that it has been "fixed" half of it floods every weekend. Halls for the win?
  • 02:53 So. I walked in the girl's loo and there was a pair of pant(ies) on the floor. Weird. And new plan--home for lunch before going out. Foood!
  • 07:10 I am a Janis Joplin kind of girl. And Juliette told me that without my mentioning it, when she was playing it. She was like, "This is you."
  • 07:19 I always end up liking snarky strong women who are obviously sensitive underneath but can handle themselves. What does this say, hmmmm...?
  • 07:21 Also, after ranting at Jo for a half hour today, I walked into the bathroom and saw the strawberry dot. Hah, perfect! Cramps owww loooose.
  • 11:02 Alright, I'm toast! I did the walk into town, visited the music store and the library, and walked back. Two hours on my feet! Woot!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!