January 23rd, 2009

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I fail at livejournal.

Then again, Thursdays and Fridays are generally hectic.

And I spend all my time in my room playing my ukelele (UK spelling, apparently), named Zambarau, which I think is Swahili for a purple fruit like a plum, and thus for purple itself. Yes I bought a uke. Yes I love her dearly. I'm getting really into this. I am always playing it when someone knocks on the door. I am in love.

Crushes are dumb. People are cool. We watched the Lion King tonight. Story of my life.

Hell day tomorrow. Genes & Chromosomes, hours of wait with Windsor pack lunch, Humans and the Changing World.

Maybe going to Spectrum, the gay night at the union once a month, tomorrow night. If I'm not knackered. Maybe naptime will be in order.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It is a bad sign that the second week in I am wearing jimjams to class.

Although it is Friday. I only have (boring) academic classes today with hours of wait at the hospital in-between.

But it's strange that I'm now very tired getting the amount of sleep I used to get. I guess I've grown accustomed to getting good sleep when four days out of the week I get to sleep in!

I've spoiled myself. Now to bring my laptop to class so I can have it with Jo in the library...
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:46 I need more alone time. In which I am not playing the ukelele. To do stuff and be good and Internet it too.
  • 02:47 I am seriously considering staying in my jimjams today. Genes & Chromes, hrs. at lib., Hums and the Changing World? Geh on the boring. Tired
  • 15:06 I seriously spend hours playing the uke. But now I have Grey's icons! And two new Grey's episodes to watch! And weekdn! Win on all counts!
  • 15:10 I've decided I dont like the word "tits" for breasts because I think of birds and ecology class. And it sounds weirdly obscene, yeah weird.
  • 15:25 It's pathetic that just seeing a picture of Brooke Smith playing softball makes me miss the game. 'cause I do. Love batting a lot...
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!