January 21st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today was good. I miraculously got up at 10. Lunch for 12 with Sarah and the lot.

Off to Mammals. Jo wasn't there at the beginning and I freaked. A lecture without Jo? We have all the same lectures this term, only she has one more! Felt like half of me was gone. Then Spork's friend got me a handout (I had forgotten one) and Jo showed up. Thank heavens.

We decided that the professor is a wanker. And we had to take an "anonymous" test about our ability to ID birds, mammals, invertebrates and plants...only we had to put our names on it and the grades will go on blackboard with our student numbers. Fantabs, growl.

Jo and I discussed vibrators. Got Pip in on the discussion but she was like, "Geh, I'm so much older than you two!" and we were like WTFers? Does the desire to smex it up disperse after age 30? Yeah, not thinking so! So we joked and gabbed and split ways.

I walked back to Windsor. A bit of time reading with Sarah and Jon, then inauguration with everyone in Juliette's on her TV. AND THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF. We were like, major WTFagggge! Then the Head Guy Person tried to be all apologetic saying, "When we scheduled this a week ago we didn't know there would be such a clash." Shouldn't have said that. It's not as though there are BUMPER STICKERS all over everywhere expressing the date as the End of an Error, or anything. And it's not as though it's an ERROR to put a FIRE ALARM in the middle of a HISTORY-CHANGING INAUGURATION! Uhm, yeah, minor miffage.

Then dinner. Then up again. Then stuff, back down to the bar. Finished The Lesbian Love Companion, which I loved. Started Death, the Final Stage of Growth. Batgirl lent me her shampoo and conditioner. I used it and it was an orgasmoshower, seriously. Pranced around and for once left my hair down after shower rather than pulling it up tight with hairsticks like an uberprofessor.

More reading, then attempt to watch Beauty and the Beast, but Juliette brought the wrong film, so instead we watched Bug's Life. It was funtastic. Now we've split ways and I'm back and ready to sleep.

Tomorrow into town to buy stuff and see houses.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 07:05 Found the location and directions to the town library. This makes me happy. At some point I will make it there, I really really will.
  • 08:38 My adventure begins now. Shopping and libraries and houses oh my.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!