January 20th, 2009

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I will be making a real post at some point, honestly.
As part of Getting Things Done today I actually wrote all the stuff that had happened down on a piece of paper so I know. It took me a long time to remember and I had to have my friends help me.

In other news, my binoculars have been ordered with help of Pirate because he gets free fast shipping and they will be at his by Wednesday.

Also, I love nights during which I don't really have a bed time.

Inauguration tomorrow. Well technically today. But I'm going American time.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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OK. Here we go. A post.

12 Monday: First exploiters, got to meet up with Jo and Pip. It was nice.
Came home for my assessment and didn't panic. Everyone kept going, "Kiwi, are you alright? You're calm and not panicking and it's the day before something is due..." I was amused.
Took breaks for dinner and occasional reading after steps complete. Stretched in the corridor with friends, including kickboxing with Mary's gloves and everyone was really impressed with my punches, including Matt who actually does kickboxing. We did different stretches like The Plank in the corridor, and I taught them the Kiwi Ninja Pose.
We had a dance rave in Batgirl's room. Well, "we" being "Sarah and I." We made up a cute little dance to one of the Katy Perry songs. Hot and Cold maybe? Dunno her songs well enough.
Finished the assessment in the morning.

13 Tuesday: Was awake from the day before. Finished assessment, three hour nap. Printed on Mary's. Lunch. Ran to Agriculture and passed it in with Spork and his friend. We went to Mammals together. Jo and I were really excited about it, but then realised the professor is very crude and other things...we were then disappointed, but all was fine. We're excited to do the mammal poster. Discussed it with friends after ranting about the "fill in the blank" style note-taking the professor had had--but thankfully he isn't doing it again. Went home and was tired. Sure stuff was done.

14 Wednesday: No class. Woke up and got ready. Went to library to meet with personal tutor Mark Fellowed because I had emailed him before about my grade anxiety, finally. And then I told him how shocked I was that I hadn't had any over this assessment because that hadn't happened since I was 15 in the first half of my sophomore year in high school. He was surprised and pleased and we talked a lot. I have the best personal tutor. He kicks so much rear. Went back to halls, hung around reading. We went to the house on Redlands Road and waited for the person who would show us around. We stayed for more than half and hour and she never showed. We left. Back to halls for dinner and hanging around.

15 Thursday: Woke up and was ready for brekky at 8. Spoke with Annie the Lunch Lady, who is a morning person. I like her. Ecology at 9. Met Jo with a screeching greeting and sat with her. Bounced around greeting everyone. Mark Fellowes was explaining a maths equation and mentioning that we would have to know and understand it to work in the field, and I whispered, "Shite." He turned to the class laughing, eyes twinkling, and said, "I think that was said louder than intended. But don't worry, it's not that bad!" It was fab. Break was epic. AND I had our group wait for the super cute field guide girl named Becky who is, again, suuuuper cute. And funny and witty. She was really excited that Jo and I found a woodpecker and that I had noticed the rollercoaster-like flight. We chatted a lot. Then went off with Jo for lunch at Agriculture, actually bought some food but it was sooooo good. Environment in Practice we had the soil testing. We got our invertebrates sampling thing back and I got a 75! And Becky had let me and Jo run ahead for our exploiters paper, and I got a 62! So I was wicked pleased. Jo's essay was lost, poooo. I answered questions right with the soil bank testing guy, like when he was talking about the importance of animals and birds for seed dispersal and everyone was talking numbers and I said I thought it would be most important for diversity rather than numbers. He was impressed. It turns out everyone in my course things I'm really intelligent, which made me giggle. Jo drove me home. Hung around and the Windsorites watched Tarzan. As soon as everyone saw baby Tarzan Juliette said, "That's Kiwi! That is so Kiwi!" and for the rest of the movie I was Tarzan, and Juliette was Jane, and it was giggleworthy.

16 Friday: Breakfast again. Genes and chromosomes with Sarah in the morning. Not as bad as Living Cell and the lecturer has a nice speed and ability to explain things. Didn't come close to falling asleep. Off with Jo for hours of eating and waiting in the top of the chem building with Jo. The top is like a bird's nest because of the double helix DNA stairs, there are like half-floors in which there are no corridors to go down, just places to sit. And the top floor is like that. It's great. Humans and the Changing World was the most boring class. He paces around 100mph and repeats himself and can't hold anyone's attention. Jo read Twelve under the desk and I read over her shoulder even though I had read the book before. Went home and then out clubbing with the Windsorites. The Granby was really empty at first but then Sarah and I were dancing and there were people there and we were dancing all around. Everyone had loads of fun. I danced up a storm and the Good Dancer Guy gave me high fives and the Good Dancer Girl had me teach her a move. I also got asked if I was straight to see if I would go with one of the guys, and I feel bad for laughing as I said no.

17 Saturday: Woke up and had lunch. Went to town in the afternoon but Natwest had just closed so I couldn't get money. We wandered around the Oracle/the mall and it was hard because the Oracle looks just like Emerald Square and I was doing my People Watching Thing that all my friends back home know I do when I have one ear with music and walk a bit behind everyone else just to watch people. But the Windsorites didn't get it, and I felt a bit understood, and then we were in an environment just like the one I had just left and hung out with all the time with the US friends, and we were in a music store like FYE and there was the L Word and I lost it a little bit. Not hugely. A few tears as I remembered what it's like to have a big Queer bubble and all the inside jokes with it and feeling understood. I was amazed to know what home-sickness felt like, only it was so small I didn't notice it the first time. It really isn't a terrible feeling at all. It made me feel at home, as ridiculous as that was. Then we joined up with Matt and Pirate and the lot and went to Pizza Hut, and I was fine. Joyous and laughing. I was with Pirate, Matt and Jon at one table. They kept asking for two spoons each and confusing the workers. I would have stopped at 4 when the first two workers met on the stairs and one handed the other two spoons (the other already having two spoons), and both being confused and amused. It went on too long and people got upset. Juliette left. But everything was good in the end--they saw us doing strange thing with the spoons, we ate our dessert with the spoons, we left a big tip and I wrote a note. The waiter loved the note I wrote. We walked back. Matt and I like strolling slowly, so we walked together behind everyone else and talked about everything. It was really nice. I quite like Matt, especially when he's not around the others going on about Man Points. I came back and was a bit tired so didn't go down to the bar. I watched Iron Jawed Angels, about American suffragists, and it was amazing. Painted my nails. Planned to read in bed but fell asleep.

18 Sunday: Matt woke me up for lunch, got ready and went downstairs. I came back up and fell asleep in the corridor right in front of my door in the small area. I think Matt and Sarah took a picture. I went inside and conked out on my bed. The others went to campus center to get Batgirl crisps. Woke up and 'netted, then down the corridor reading. Batgirl was having issues with Pirate because she apparently found naked pictures of his ex girlfriend and there was a big problem. She was asking for my opinion but I didn't want to give it. I listened to what everyone else said. We ordered Indian and Batgirl bought something for me. Pirate came and sat outside until Batgirl finally let him in, but he only broke up with her for "overreacting." I fell asleep on Sarah's bed and then came and read in my room and went to sleep again.

19 Monday: Awake and exploiters. Remembered that I got a 78 (!!!) on my landfill assessment. Matched Emma's grade, and she's super clever and works at home and all. Talked with Pip about lots of stuff. Walked to Natwest and was in the Now and everything was beautiful and slow. Got money out. Walked very slowly back, stopping at the sports center to look and then walking through the fields singing. Back and hung around. Pirate came back and hugged Batgirl for about a half an hour. He bought the binoculars on Amazon because he gets free next-day shipping. I have to slip him a fiver at some point. The lot of us, sans Pigirl (my ship name for them), were down at the bar. I had my book and laptop and was looking up margay to see if I can do my mammal poster on them. I think I can. They're exciting/strange enough to have the rest of the students like them as well and grade well, I think. Came back up and talked a bit on IM with Shaya and others. Read through my old Julius Caesar essay and was weirded out to know that I had written it exactly three years ago--the date was January 19th 2006. It was shite but I giggled at it anyway. Then off down to Sarah's and then Juliette's to watch Secret Window.

Baaaad. Not the movie, I mean I've seen it before. The Sarah being squished up to me because she was frightened. Soooo I kind of actually have a straight crush. =[. Of the Gar level. Shite. I didn't know people ACTUALLY got butterflies when certain people were nearby. I guess I thought that was a myth of writers and romantics (especially given how often the prior is also the latter). So now I'll have my own little secret. Although I may tell Batgirl and have her swear on her fish she will never ever tell, or at least not until a lot later and it's funny and far away. Given that I'm sharing a house with Sarah next year. And she's too epic a friend to have it get awkward. I haz control of myself!

So today I woke up before noon (gasp) and am still in jammies (less gasp) and have class at 2 (Mammals with Jo and Batgirl and stuff). Then free again.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 05:42 I love that the cleaning woman calls people "pet" and "love." It makes me smile so much.
  • 07:16 I think I exist in a permanent state of zombish "want sleeeeeeep." With spikes of Kiwish hyperactivity.
  • 11:39 OK, wtf! There are some REALLY good food smells coming up through my window, but I know they will not be true! Hate olfactory senses!
  • 15:56 Batgirl is letting me use her shampoo and conditioner! I won't die of itchiness! And she has extra toothpaste! No more grossness!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!