January 13th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:11 @snoopy874 Winnnn! Music helps me work now. Haha, I'm feeling good even though I would normally be stressed/panicky! Too weird!
  • 18:12 Took a survey offered through Reading email on social networking use to try to win some money; I do every 'net thing mentioned. Uh, oops?
  • 18:56 I did a lot of dancing around with Sarah today, laughter, and stretching and proving my skills. Glad Mary is out tonight; come in late!
  • 19:02 All my Windsorite sixthies are also now completely impressed with my muscles. I giggle. I am a ninja. I showed them the Kiwi Ninja Pose.
  • 20:42 I just spent a while speaking with my new next-door neighbor. And it wasn't working, but it was SO WORTH IT!
  • 21:02 It feels weird being up working late and not having Snoopy online to chat about / complain about working with! Her term should start soon!
  • 21:53 My slipper be broked and floppy. But iz having fun and hanging around at my desk working. Almost done collecting research.
  • 00:44 OK. Can write up to 1300 words. So. Starting. First word. What? Hate starting. Nerves, away; deep breath, Here and Now!
  • 01:36 @snoopy874 Graaaades. Dies. Reports. Laughter. Miss you on AIM 'cause mesa loser!
  • 01:37 I'm listening to the birds singing as I write. Will give updates on word count when I feel like it, deal with ittt. Work as peeps wake up!
  • 01:44 500 words. 1/5 sections done. 1000 more possible words. Bladder demands attention again, stupid bladder. No panic attacks, whoa.
  • 03:37 1200 words. I love me. Just conclusion left! I have decided I win, and I love it. I didn't panic. I'm so proud of myself.
  • 04:14 @daheefanel Gorgeous clothes on sale are lovely. That sort of stuff makes my life.
  • 04:14 1436 words and done. Now for a nap and then the day and then another nap!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!