January 11th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 04:28 Iz on a bus. From Heathrow to Reading Station. Iz got free WiFi! Iz full of win! FOW!
  • 07:43 Lora and I both have Wednesdays off! And I think I'm going to spend my first one sleeping, but regardless, win!
  • 07:43 Also, Windsor Hall is abriviated to Win by administration, giggles, so I am officially in the Hall of Win!
  • 08:02 Sarah's back now! She's so puuuuurdy. And she went "SQUEE!" before I could, and I was so shocked I couldn't squee. It was tragic. But lovely
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Today and Plans

Had a nice meal with Snoops and parentals before leaving. Bit of a wait for the plane, something about the security doors not opening, and I had a bit of a headache but all was fine. The plane ride wasn't fantastic but it also had that surreal feel that I adore. Plus screaming babies and ditsy college girls off for a term abroad.

Got off, wandered to baggage claim, lugged it to Central Bus Station, bought ticket, took bus to Reading Train Station, bought cab to Windsor Hall. Sat around waiting while convention people went home. Read. Saw Jake. Brought stuff up, brought trunk up. Unpacked, 'netted, squeeled at Lora, met up with a few others, unpacked.

It was nice. Was knackered. Fell asleep on Lora's bed a few times. Got a bit down about grades but started reading Power of Now again and felt content/peaceful. Went downstairs while they drank. Came back up, danced around, Internet. I'm going to get in bed in 10 so I can read for a bit and sleep to get 8 hours.

Tomorrow I have Exploiters 9-11, possible practical from 11-1 but unlikely.
If it's 'til one, I'll get lunch and stuff. Probably get to start working on my report at 2, work until dinner at 6. Hopefully four hours of solid research-collecting from the sources I already gathered. Then after dinner organising and writing.

I don't have class Tuesday until 2, so if I wake up at noon I can stay up until 4 a.m. tomorrow night working without it even being anything but a normal night. If I work more into that (I hope not), it'll be a less-sleep night. But 6 hours is my norm so even then not really. Unlikely it'll be an all-nighter. But whatever happens, I have Wednesday to sleep.

Wednesday LGBTQQIA (I like to use the full abbreviation even though they don't) coffee hour at 2.30. Sarah organised a house visit for us at 4 so I'll get to see a house. Need to do some laundry that was left, etc.

I can do this! I also finished Power of Now. Started Beebo something (lesbian pulp fiction). Makes me smile that it's a college setting book. I like reading them and knowing I'm in it now.