January 8th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


[8:02 AM] Carbon KIWI: Sings sleep musiccc.
[8:02 AM] Snoopy: *Eats.*
[8:02 AM] Carbon KIWI: Doesn't work.
[8:02 AM] Carbon KIWI: We suck.
[8:03 AM] Snoopy: Epic fIL.
[8:03 AM] Carbon KIWI: fIL?
[8:03 AM] Snoopy: *fail
[8:03 AM] Carbon KIWI: Hahaha.
[8:03 AM] Carbon KIWI: You failed at fail.
[8:03 AM] Carbon KIWI: Win.
[8:03 AM] Snoopy: Yessss win.

That pretty much sums up everything right now.

Woke up to Snoopy's texts. Ignored. Napped. Heard mother moving about but fell back asleep.
Woke up again, finished One Degree of Separation. 'netted. Showered.
Jason called. Went and picked him up. Got Petrol, got checked out by the Petrol woman who snarked J.
Marshalls. J returned briefs. We shopped. I tried on bras, epic failed. Considered lopping off chesticles. Decided instead to stop trying on bras. Tried on three skirts, one really liked--it looks like I'm wearing a colourful pink, white and blue flower. Love.
Purchased for $7. Yay new skirts.
Papa Ginos. Ate good buffalo chicken and cheesy bread sticks.
Mini!dykes, the Franklin hockey team, came in. Cute soft butch girl with pony tail and backwards cap made my gaydar shine. She put song on jukebox and danced before friend. Friend inquired, "What, you trying to seduce me?" and girl responded something witty. J was walking by. I started dancing. Girl saw and pointed, saying, "See, everybody dances to this!" She smiled at me.
Went to loo. As was packing up, heard girl request another dollar from friends to use on the jukebox. She walked up with group to order. I removed dollar from my wallet. Informed J I had a pitstop on the way out. Poked girls shoulder, handed her a dollar, said, "Pick something good for the jukebox," looked her up and down, and walked away. Heard, "Thanks!" and then "what a nice lady..." Appreciative.
Smirked as left PG. Informed J I was helping raise the budding lesbians (even if she wasn't, she had a dollar for music! Everyone wins!). He informed me he had the vision of my planting seeds in all the new lesbians. I said I was the Johnny Appleseed of lesbians. He added that his image included me in a strange revealing outfit skipping around and dropping seeds, with women just sprouting from the ground and following me. He told me the girl would be after me again in two years. I laughed and got in the car.

Drove home. 'net, organising, Rockband and reading.
He teased me for reading my book between Rockband and having the book open on my lap as we played.
Somehow that game makes me think of Greys Anatomy. Strange. Talked with Snoops on the phone a few times--was gonna just be the three of us clubbing.
I changed and got myself made up. Decided on the under!white spaghetti strap, green tunic dress that dipped at the chest, tight lace-up jeans, silver Docs, chopsticks-in-the-hair, green makeup look. With all the assortment of jewelry and arm stuff.
Snoops drove us there. J introduced us to people. Was called beautiful by a gay man, smiled. Think I successfully charmed his friends enough.

Danced around with S. Got angry when we were doing our regular "I Touch Myself" song together and drunk man came up to grind her from the rear. Went up to her front and danced suggestively.
When she got him off her she came back to me and informed me I was her girlfriend, according to what she had told the guy. I laughed.
Danced. Went up for a Coke. A man, Tom, complimented my chopsticked hair. Asked where I got my hair done. Said Self. He told me to go to him in Providence, he had just done the star from Mama Mia's hair or something. Found out I was "From London" ('tis the best explanation thus far) and was going back Saturday. Told me I was a doll, hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks.
J informed me the guy probably would have bought me a drink (despite being shamelessly gay) because of my rack, had I been 21. I giggled.
Hung with S as she texted boycreature.
Went downstairs for more dancing. Soon had drunk girl on me.
Shrugged and went, well, whatever.
Then tongue. Thought first, "Eww, microbes" then "My tonsils are fine, thanks, you don't need to check them for me," then, "I wonder if I'm getting tipsy off the alcohols on her taste buds..." then, "My nose is not there for licking," and finally, "Just because I wear lipstick and you are butch does not mean you get to lick it off." Five kisses. Five Inner Prude groans. Five eyerolls for Inner Slut, who decided new experiences weren't what they cracked up to be and if I didn't find a good kisser soon I would die.
Cotton Eyed Joe came on and I ditched her. Tried to dance with S but she was in heels and there was a strobe light. Drunken Dyke kept trying to slow dance with me. Thought, "Ohhh no, I'm an AGGIE GIRL. I'm a farmer and this is my song!" Shimmied away.
Drunken Dyke wanted my number. I told her I was leaving for London Saturday. She thought it was sad. I thought she wouldn't remember it anyway.
(While we were snogging--if it can be called that--her best friend, while dancing with S, kept saying, "You're a God! A God!" and at least I was amused.)

I decided I had done too much stroking of the butch ego that day. Collected bag and coat with J and S.
We headed to the car and I ranted like an angry lesbian. Because, uhm, well. Yeah. Played music on the way home.
Played, "I Kissed a Girl" and I kept singing, "I kissed a girl and disliked it. Taste of her cherry chapstick. I kissed a girl just to try it, hope my girlfriend don't mind it. It felt so wrong, it just felt wrong..." etc. S laughed. Mobile station for J. Dropped him off, hugged him goodbye (we'll see if this is the goodbye).
Drove home, found other wallet under car with light of S' car. Made loose plans and split up.

J mentioned that it's a pity we didn't become friends before I hopped countries because he has found he has a lot in common with me. We have a good time. And it would have been epic because we live so close. Would have been like one of those friendships that go down in the book.

Now I'm going bleh, need to work on my landfill report. Tomorrow S is meeting with Tricia at 11 but will be free by 12.30. We're thinking we'll do nappy time together or something.

Life. Lesbians. Lipstick.
Bizarre. Strange L Words.
Told Snoopy I needed two signs:
I'm a Lesbian
Lipstick Looking for Second Coat
(or Lipstick Looking for Lipgloss, if I want the alliteration).
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 03:27 I think at this point it's going to be an all-nighter the 12th even if report is done. Staying up till 10 a.m. England time every night!
  • 03:28 @snoopy874 Iiiiii do not like drunken butch girls. But at least I am steadily learning how NOT to kiss. Perhaps that will make me good!
  • 03:54 I can't belive landfill can even make a nocturnal person sleepy at night. Growls at report. Sources, appear! I command you!
  • 04:37 Hope I've found all sources I need. Don't like being off campus for this. Easier with school connection in right country. Dumb research.
  • 06:14 I love Angela the Herbalist (Eragon series). And she says "piffle" like Rosie. I love the crazies and the sternies. Straaange Kwii charries.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!