January 1st, 2009

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I'm reading the One Degree of Separation book.
It feels good to be reading a random lesbian book again.
I used to be queen of having and reading random lesbian books.
I miss that. This feels nice.

I'm going to sit back, relax and welcome in the new year with the point of view of a snarky needs-to-get-laid librarian.
That sounds good to me. I don't think I'll be sleeping.
Then maybe I'll be good and clean and work on my New Years What's In a Year post if I'm good.

I also want to keep a book list this year. Even with my not really reading at university thing...
Haha. No reading at Reading.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

New Years

Let's see. The plan last night, originally, was to go clubbing at Hell with loads of people.
At the same time that I was collecting people to come Rawley and Snoopy and Katie were thinking they didn't want to drive to Providence.
So I was like, well, damn, I have to drop Jason off and pick up Amanda anyway...but I'm sure we can think of something to do anyway.
And the other group was thinking hang out at Snoopy's house because she has more "floor room" (yes, but we only ever hang out in her room, so it's one room of floor room). I was GRRing because I have floor room and couches and spare beds and chairs AND my house was going to be empty for the evening. I expressed this to Toast and she was immediately, "Ohhh yeah I'll convince Snoopy, one sec" and apparently that was a bust, but she also forgot to mention my house would be open.

Anyway. We had Jean close to six. Kept organising things to do, and J, Toast and I decided no matter what we'd be doing something together. J had her old sex-buddy Dan over. Jason went on a packy run for Ziggy and then was dropped off over here.
He had us try some barely-alcoholic raspberry bear that was pretty interesting but good. We just did a small toast to the new year since he'd be off at the club and wouldn't be around.
We picked up Toast with no hitch. Went on an errand with Jason. Played really loud music and finally Avenue Q as we dropped off Jason at Mira Bar.
We played musicals, like Wicked, on the way home and finished with Tenacious D. We were all just screaming. It was epic.
We got back and hung around the kitchen. Snoopy got drink in her eye twice in a row because she is that gifted. Her Mum had told her, "You're not respecting my no!" from a self-help boundaries class and we all laughed at that a bit. It was just really funny to us.
We got the DVD player to work and then thought we didn't want to use it.
I was comparing boobs with Katie and Toast came over to tell everyone about my body. It was funny. She was like, "Look at her waist! It's so tiny! And her stomach's so perfect!" and Katie joined in that I had a really big rack for someone my size. Toast added my butt was great. And to be honest, yeah, I do love hearing all that...sometimes I feel like a big girl 'cause I'm not model skinny and I've got some meat to me, and I have been known to get teased for it. So it feels good to be admired!

While a lot of us were just hanging around in the kitchen and living room? We noticed Jean and Dan weren't there anymore. We basically knew they were having sex, so it was only a question of where.
They sent me to check the downstairs bathroom. I pressed my ear to the door and could hear the clicking sounds that come with making out and knew they were at the sink. I went back to the living room and told the group that yuuuuup, my bathroom was seeing some action.
We all acted like fools and started making orgasm sounds. Katie started hitting the wall. It was great fun.
When there was a lull in conversation we heard Jean's little moans and we just lost it. Then we listened some more and lost it again. Heard thump-thumping and I realised they were then in the bathtub.
Thaaaat's when we turned on the music and started dancing. When the two came out we applauded them. I told Jean I could never forgive her for having sex in my bathtub before I got the chance.

Dan also really liked us 'cause we were all very boob and body friendly. At one point I took off my Reading hoodie, we were all talking about drinking and lightweights and I mentioned never having been buzzed and he said maybe I wasn't a lightweight and I questioned, "What, are you calling me fat?" He looked at my chest and said, "No, I'm saying you have nice boobs." He noticed them when I took off the hoodie. I had to laugh at that.
Katie and I played boob bounce by lifting our shirts, pressing chests, and bouncing up and down. 'twas funny.
Also on the smoking break I was outside in a T-shirt 'cause it wasn't that cold to me. (Dunno what it is about me, but it takes a lot to get me cold.) We were talking about peeing standing up because Dan was off to go near a tree and everyone said they would be cold. I dropped my trousers right there and just stood with them around my knees. Dan decided it was an amazing gathering. I just laughed. Jean took out the camera.

Finally we hooked up the stereo system to Snoopy's iPod. I dimmed the lights and turned on the Christmas tree.
When we were dancing we were lifting shirts every which way until Snoopy, Katie and I just took them off. We had the music loud and were dancing around the living room.
Snoopy and Toast danced together a lot. Jean and Dan danced together a lot. Katie flittered around. I danced by myself quite joyously, because that's how I'm happiest.
Then Jean got on to dancing with me. Which was OK for a bit but honestly, I dance for me--I dance to be free and move around and express myself through my body. The whole boring swaying and let's-slip-a-leg-between-the-legs makes me yawn. It's got no real flair. Maybe I'd feel different if I were interested in the person I was dancing with.
So then she was REALLY on me and I felt necking and was like, WTF?
And then we're dancing face to face and I'm sadly noticing that her breath isn't so hot and I'd like to be rave dancing with lots of arm movements...
Cue mouth on mine. Big wet mouth. Again. So I go, fine, yeah, OK, I'll make out for a bit. All the while thinking, "Ew, microbes. She has a very wet mouth. Hello teeth. Her tongue is a persistent snake. Where did her lips go? She's going to pull me over."
I start hearing, "Wow that's hot." "Go you!" and random sounds.
It ends for a second and I pull back instead of go back in, as I always do. She was really happy. I was very, "Oh what the frak, why did I start this drama again."

I was then very interested in heavy rave dancing. Jean went for a break. I gave Snoopy and Toast panicked, "save me" looks. When Jean went for a drink or left for some reason I chastised myself for opening up that pool of lesbian drama again and was generally WTF.
We made kissing jokes because we are obviously mature enough that our response to anything is joking.
Dan thought it was hot. I am so very, very shocked. Everyone thought it was hot but me.
I realised, with my friends' help, that I am (so eloquently put) a "cocktease." But that's probably because I'm not interested. Like ever. I lose my clothes, I dance provocatively (sometimes), but when it comes down to it I do it for me.
We all New Years kissed each other.

I do like my body. When we're all in the mood, yes, I do ditch my clothes. I like my body free. Eventually me and Katie and Snoopy even ditched our bras so it was a top-nakey dancing and was very fun.
When there was another smoking break I went out there like that because it still wasn't very cold to me and it felt good after dancing.
Toast and Snoopy, as frequently happens, had girl-boners, as they put it. I decided I had an inverse one that never came out. They assured me I couldn't help who I liked and who I didn't like, and it would happen.

We watched Rick & Steve, drove to Rhode Island to drop Toast off at work, stayed in the car a bit until her manager arrived later than 3 and then we drove home. I got ready for bed into jimjams, washed face, whatever. Came down and they were talking about who they'd boink.
Snoopy gave me the book from her boyfriend. By Karin Kallmaker, I've wanted to read her books forever, and this one's about a librarian. And she's snarky. And I like.
I listened to the list-of-who-I'd-boink question somewhat. Joined in occasionally.

Snoopy wandered off for bed in the guest room. Katie plunked on the couch. Don't even know where Jean ended up. I stayed on the couch but Katie snored like a fiend, which was fine. She does have bronchitis after all, even though she's been on antibiotics for a week.
I woke up and took Jean to the T station.
Snoopy and Katie left when I returned.

So yeah. Exciting new years, lots of kisses and kissing, and some WTFery.
It was strange being actual center of attention, being That Lesbian who does stuff in the open. That didn't bug me.
The fact that I still don't like kissing is pretty obnoxious. I definitely don't think Jean's style is mine. I don't think I'm much of a tongue person. Me and Toast seem to share that.
I'm also slightly tickled that my inner!kiwi thought about kissing was, "microoooobes." Too much biology much?

I continue to wait patiently for some intelligent, mature and attractive older lesbian to come sweep me off my feet. Y'know, like, a teacher's assistant or professor or librarian. Something like that.
'case we all know it's the older girls who make my knees go weak. Until then I wait.

Also, in the evening, decided there needed to be a "Seducing Older Women 101" course.

Happy new year!
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 12:11 It's the new year and I'll be 19 this year. Thus, time to play Neopets like a 12-year-old. Yeah that makes sense. University = immaturity.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!