December 28th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

What I Learned

So it's two in the morning.
At 10 Toast sent a call my way. I silenced my phone and rolled over.
At 11 Toast sent a call my way. I silenced my phone and rolled over.
That pattern continued until one, when I silenced my phone and rolled out of bed.
I was on the computer until three when Toast sent a call my way.
I collected Jason and went to pick up Amanda; I thought it was merely a pick up.
We went to Dunkin Donuts and she bought us drinks so she could flirt with the girl she likes there.
We went to Savers and bought me a coat and goofed around.
We went to Wendy's and ate. Toast gave me my present, which is a rainbow paper globe thing that I will put up in my room in England, as well as a recycled-paper journal and some glittery gel pens.
We went to Snoopy and Toast gave her the present--a purple piggy bank "for the Jew."
We went to the Outlet mall so J could try on jeans at his store, Guess. T and I discussed how quickly lesbians seem to shop for clothes compared to gayboy J. He took forever checking every pair of jeans with all his colleagues.
We visited Snoopy at Aero and spent lots of time there, J once again trying on loads of different shirts and questioning everyone on which ones he should purchase.
He decided he wanted to go to Taco Bell so we journeyed over to Taco Bell. It was then decided, nawr, we wanted D'Anbgelos.
We listened to Avenue Q and it was ridiculously cute.
Finally we went home.

J, T and Dweeb stayed downstairs playing Guitar Hero World Tour.
I came upstairs and watched a little Melinda and Melinda.
I set up a system to start writing my sermonette in my new journal.
Went downstairs, played a few rounds on Guitar Hero as guitar and then as vocals.
We watched Blade and admired Jessica Beals (sp).
I did quite a bit of my sermonette.
We went to drive J home and then he realized no one was home and that frightened him (it's a scary house), so I offered to put him up. T was already staying.
Now they're downstairs on the couch getting to sleep because J has work tomorrow at 11, I'm driving him before I go to work and he'll just be early; T hasn't slept in 24 hours since she had work at 2 a.m. yesterday.
Now I'm finally upstairs about to type up what I've thus far written, then finish, print and then practice to make sure it's six minutes. Always plenty to cut.
It shouldn't be too bad.
Carol the minister doesn't write her sermons until 3-8 in the morning on the Sundays.
It's 2 a.m. My muse is awake now anyway. I would be awake on any break night at this time, even waking up at nine the "next" morning.
So this isn't new to me. I can nap with T after service.

Tomorrow this will be off my mind, then.
It sort of makes me sheepishly smile to know that I even procrastinated my sermonette on "what I learned at college"--given my major lesson at college was, "don't procrastinate."
Guess it reminds me that someone can grasp the moral of a story without following through, huh?
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I finished it.
It's probably six and a half minutes instead of six, but I think that's fine.
Services are known to go way short or longer without people particularly caring.

I can't get the printer to work.
It makes me laugh that this happens with something non-school-oriented, when everyone at school is always warning people off procrastination with "something could go wrong." The example is always a technical difficulty.
I'm sure I'll find a way to print it though. I've got it on my GMail account. Worst comes to worst I'll go to J's on my way to drop him off at work and print out there--I think they have a working printer.
Or I'll go early to the church or library or see if my Da can help me get it printed tomorrow morning.

At least it's done. That's nice.
I like it.

Bed time because I'm getting up early this morning.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 21:13 Toast gave me a new journal and glitter gel pens, and their first task will be helping me write my sermonette for tomorrow. With movie!
  • 02:05 And now to finish my sermonette and print it and practice it and try this Sleep Thing that so frequently eludes me.
  • 02:42 It is written. Now to make sure it's the right length!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So, as it seems I'm always doing, I'm going through all of my stuff to get rid of what I don't need/want.
I stumbled upon the fake yearbook of the 2008 class.
I was looking through the faces and realizing the facial expressions were often easy to read but I immediately recognised the facial arrangement as common to the individual.
Then I came across my own.
I can't figure out my own expression; I don't know what I was thinking or sending to the camera. It was a lot, good green, I can see it was some complex signaling. I think it's in the eyebrows and the delicate smirk-grin combination with the angling looking up, with wide eyes just barely glaring of pinching in thought. Even my ear was pulled back slightly, as is my habit with a variety of emotions.
My younger self's facial expression has perplexed me.
I want to jump into the picture and ask myself what exactly I was thinking, because I have all these ideas but I don't know which, even though it's possible I was thinking all of them.
I'm actually fascinated.
I still really like the picture. I'm almost glad I wasn't allowed to send in the one with the McGonagall hat (even though Bobby was because he's a boy, double standards much yearbook twits?!), because the expression in my picture is so very, very Kiwi.
It's a mystery. A complex mystery with many possible layers to explore, from delicately perched and arched eyebrows to deep but playful and sagacious forest eyes to a button nose so easy to smile at and so adept at sniffing out the truth to pink lips curved in a gentle grin that works to convey a satisfied smirk up to a sculpted little ear ever alert of the surroundings.
It's me. Kiwi. In the yearbook.
I was actually captured in the yearbook.
How bizarre.
Now back to work.
(Almost 1000 posts in this livejournal.)