December 26th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Party at half four (well, we're leaving then).
Ten of four.
Going to get changed to go.
Might get to see Kristine and Elizabeth.

Currently picking through room cleaning.
And watching Bad Company every now and then.
Things are peaceful.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:05 I'm really not allowed to be tired right now. It's against the rules. And I need to do something because I am not rotting in stagnant pools!
  • 22:35 Shower time, freedom from the day...and then back to business, whatever it is.
  • 23:34 Bio II senior year made me sound like a doctor when I talked. Haha.
  • 23:35 I won an award in the Random Contest on writerscafe. Huh. Funny.
  • 23:55 Why am I not working as hard as I did senior year? This is kind of stupid and grade anxiety makes no sense!
  • 01:06 I am onto May with going through my livejournal entries for the New Year. I think it's getting close to bed time.
  • 12:38 I'm rather frustrated about not knowing my grades for stuff. And I don't know how to enter bank info into uni website. Oh well. Jo helps.
  • 12:39 @sarcastic_kitty Good luck with Primatology and a fear of monkeys! I'd probably be strange enough to sign up because I KNEW I feared them.
  • 13:59 We're leaving for Joni's party at half four. Let's kick me into productivity, eh?
  • 15:00 I randomly found an IV packet in my room. WTFers? GA addiction making things appear? Haha. Probably from nurse during hip replacement time.
  • 15:28 Yup, chips and salsa are generally my food of choice. Laughter.
  • 16:03 Ziggy just came over to pick up his coat but I didn't know he was coming and then he was at my bedroom door and I said, "What the FUCK?" Bad
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I just did out four cards.
And none of them make sense.
But it makes me happy.
I think I mentioned Christmas in ONE of them, and it was as a joke.
So yes. I don't like Christmas cards, but random cards I totally approve of.
I should be leaving for the party right now but Mum's a bit late.
So more random nit-pick cleaning and Bad Company.
I should write stuff down in a notebook for the topics I need to speak on come Sunday. That requires finding a notebook.
So yup, back to the cleaning!