December 25th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Grey's Garble

I finished going through February and March for the New Year's entry.
McSpleeny pointed out a while ago that this is the last year we can use double-o glasses for New Years stuff, since next year it'll be 2010 'stead of 2009.

Also now is when I should be shot.
'cause I watched episode 8 of season 5 of Grey's Anatomy, the first without Erica Hahn, and I actually liked Dr. Virginia Dixon.
I'm not supposed to really 'cause she's just temporarily taken over the spot of my fave GA doc and because she has Asperger's and is socially impended, etc... but her leaving scene in the elevator with Bailey? I thought that was fantab. Watching the actress play the character was fascinating, all the minute details.
For some reason when I watch her face in slow motion it reminds me of Cavanagh's and I don't know why, but not when it's paused. But the thought made me giggle a bit anyway. Nice being on good terms again.

Also, Sadie?
Where does that accent come from? I've been listening to her words intently. WTFers with the accent?
I admit, yeah, she's kinda hot, and her voice itself is pleasant, but the unplaceable or pseudo accent sort of drives me bonkers.

And Callie?
For the first time I actually realised she's hot. I guess it took me not seeing her clinged around buffoon George and not standing next to badass cardio goddess Hahn / kickarse ladyfriend Erica to see it.
But yeah. Callie is actually hot.

There we go. Apparently my gaping Grey's Anatomy wound has healed, although I will never forgive for booting Hahn and I won't forget her or stop mourning her loss. Probably. Eh. Perhaps making promises is not something I should do. Given it's Grey's Anatomy, and promises do not mix well with Grey's Anatomy.

I'm awake. Bah on this. But life is good, so that's fine, sheepish smile.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


1) I made it through Christmas alive.
2) I'm wearing the silver Docs now.
3) I have two and a half books to read, plus two if I feel like going back for a refresher but they're long-ish.
4) New layouts are rockin'. Toast would love this layout save the pinkness.
5) Icons are fun.
6) 6 hours of sleep before Xmas is not a lot. Tired and nappytime.
7) Both uncles will apparently be here, although only one has appeared and 3 hours after he said he would.
8) I have a random rainbow blanket from my grandparents that I love.
9) I am happy.
10) I want that to continue.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:12 "Jingle Bells, juniors smell, sophomores all the way. Seniors suck, they're all sluts, and freshmen have no say, hey!" from a soph's FB, ha
  • 16:25 I look green and festival-like. I think I'm going to wear my cloak and McGonagall hat because I'm a creeper like that! Love XMas services!
  • 16:28 Ixnay on the McG hat, doesn't go with a short festive dress, but keeping the cloak! And almost time to runnn.
  • 18:47 I had corndogs for Cmas Eve dinner. I laugh at this. I laugh hard.
  • 00:20 Alsok today's order of service said it was 1008 and I giggled a lot.
  • 03:25 I just summed up the world with Brittles. "Seriousness is silly." Does that mean Teh Silly is serious? Because that would be rockin'.
  • 03:52 Happy eve-into-the-day-of Pseudo Birth of a Dead Hippie Day! I'm going to sleep now. Really. So I can wake up to an annoying teenage bro.
  • 13:16 New Jersian Kate who was at uni for a term sent me a holiday card with a hand-me-down phone card! I giggle. Awwr, I love people.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I finished all of the Grey's Anatomy. It made me giggle.
I had dinner with the fam plus Grammie and Unk and Guy, the two uncles.
It was occasionally awkward as heck but other than that went smoothly.
Guy left, I chatted with Toast on the phone, Grammie was driven home.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life and I researched what Brooke Smith has been in.
Now I'm looking around my room and sighing, because there's always so much to do.

What I need to do:
Write a 6-minute sermonette for Sunday about what I learned at college.
Write a 1500 word report on a landfill site for Environment in Practice for 13 January.
Do my exploiters notes and stuff.

What I want to do:
Go through my whole year's entries for New Years, as personal tradition dictates.
Go through everything I own and get rid of what I don't want/need.
Finish The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
Actually write something.
Write a personal Grey's Anatomy fic in relation to my hip story, because even though it's corny that sort of stuff helps and it would be fun to write. I'm loser enough to enjoy the thought of having myself in a Grey's Anatomy fic, like I used to write events in my life as if I were in the Harry Potter world sometimes. Being a geek can be fun.
Watch the movies I have that I haven't seen yet.
Read the third book in the Eragon series.
Read the latest book in the Artemis Fowl series.
Actually draw something.
Send out some emails.
Possibly get some clearer ideas on plans to include Jean and figure out New Year's.

Wish I could hang with Toast tomorrow but we're going to Joni's party. Saturday Toast has work until 10 a.m. but then we could probably hang out and stuff provided I got my sermonette done in time for Sunday's service. Thought about clubbing but that probably wouldn't work since Toast with be either exhausted, have work the next day or both.

I'm leaving the country for another half year soon to go back to scary university work but comforting university friends.
It's weird. But fine and dandy.